• 2017 Snapper Rocks Pro


    We were all wondering where the heck Omer_Cohen was... well, he's arrived. With a huge push and taking that first place spot from the fierce Brazilian, FORAHAULE. Only 634 points separate the two. Now, FORAHAULE is going to go back to the drawing board and see what the heck he can do to get those such reachable points. This is going to go head to head all the way to the last day, last hour, last minute. We wish them both good luck.

    It's awesome to see underdogs fire up the leaderboard. Case in point... the Frenchman, Jutrib62. Only 15,000 points to contend for that first place spot. If he stays in the top four he's guaranteed some YouRiding Cash. He can be the ultimate spoiler and take that first place spot from everyone! Huge upset can be had by this guy for sure!

    Couple notables today. Tournament style legends, Davicus__ and Flippersurfjen619 are in the battle at Snapper Rocks with honorable 29th and 82nd place, respectively. As for the Americans in the competition, Davicus__ is currently number 5 and Flippersurfjen619 is 13th. Not to bad. Yesterday we were asking, where's Omer_Cohen. Today, we're asking, WHERE'S RESIN_SNAIL? He's another tournament style legend that we have yet to see hit the leaderboard. Hopefully, his boss didn't catch him spending more time in The Journey rather than doing his job.

    Shout Out's are going out to two players deep in the pack that are wearing the Snapper Rocks event jersey. First, props to the Boriqua seaspry. The Puerto Rican is doing it right... looking all color coordinated and shiz. He's got his Superbrand Toy board, Volcom Macaw Mod trunks and yes, a black Snapper Rocks Pro event jersey. Thanks for the support seaspry. Keep shredding.

    nathy_moon gets the second shout out of the day. He's currently 673rd out of 7,100+ competitors. In our books, that very respectable. nathy_moon has his sick Lost Carbon Wrap Baby Buggy board equpped with FCS Carver PC Carbon fins and he's decided to stay warm with the Rip Curl E Bomb Pro Zip Free SS 22. His black Snapper Rocks Pro jersey ties it all in perfectly. Thanks for the support nathy_moon. Keep rockin'!

    You still have over a week of competition left. Remember, we'll be picking one maybe a few more of you that post your best screenshot here on this thread. Good luck and #NeverStopRiding
  • 2017 Snapper Rocks Pro


    We are well underway with the first event of the Surfing Virtual World Tour. We've had a full day of competition under our belt and it looks like the Brazilians are not only dominating the bodyboarding world tour but also here with The Journey SURFING VIRTUAL WORLD TOUR. FORAHAULE is in a commanding lead. Over 15,000 points ahead from second place Hawaiian player, NS_NateFlet. The Aussie, jdellrennie and the Portuguese, Teixeiraa, both are over that 100k score but still not enough for first place. It's a great start but there's a question still lingering around the office and around the world...

    Props to Yar75 from Australia for bringing up the top 20. The big question...? WHERE IS Omer_Cohen? He's not in the top 20! The young shredder from California has been dominating the contest scene in The Journey Surf and in the live tournaments. We're finding it strange that he as yet to post one of three competition runs. Rumors are flying around that he's holding out 'til the end of the comp before striking hard. Another rumor says, he's actually in the Maldives surfing with his parents for Spring Break. We don't know for sure, but just be ready for him to show up and lay down some serious scores.

    Some shouts outs... The Brazilian Biel_Reis for color coordinating his red Snapper Rocks event jersey with his sick red wetsuit. He's not doing bad in 67th place. If he, assuming he's a he, breaks 80K, that'll put him in 59th place. Good luck brotha... or sista.

    Next shout out goes to our Puerto Man, ManuelMartinezuco aka UCO. He's been a great supporter from day one. He helped us line up the locals in the game for the Puerto Rico region. Props hermano. He's sporting the white Snapper Rocks jersey and showing he's always down for the cause. If I'm not mistaken, he's going to keep charging until he breaks over that 100th place mark.

    Final and definitely not least shout out goes to the person that dominated the YouRiding V4 Surfing game, Bajan. This guy, with a little more time with The Journey, will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. So keep a close eye on the ripper from Barbados.

    All right surfers... keep shedding and good luck! You have 'til March 26th to keep climbing up that leaderboard. And don't forget to post your screenshots here. We're giving away 5k YRC to the best screenshot as well. #NeverStopRiding
  • 2017 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational

    Yeah man. We're going to make it more public about the jerseys for Tahiti.

    Well, I talked to the tech crew and we're afraid that it'll snowball with other spots wanting their own flags. So we're going to hold off for now. But ti doesn't mean we won't in the future.

    For now, keep shredding #NeverStopRiding
  • Where to from here for The Journey?

    Now that all regions have been released/unlocked, where is The Journey headed? Essentially any in-depth immersive game has 2 components....a challenge mode & a career mode. Logically, this would be the next level to add to The Journey. A World Tour shouldn't be to difficult to institute based on the same criteria as the current WSL. Furthermore, rewards are an essential part of any gaming experience. Whether it be YRC, equipment (boards, wetsuits, boosts etc.). Rewards should also be consistent with the difficulty level achieved. A further suggestion would be to be able to re-surf levels 1 & 2 on all waves. Would also be great to have more competition style events (as in Level 1 completions against the spot local). This could also be more immersive with qualifying heats, quarters, semis in multiplayer mode. Options & suggestions could literally be limitless & although calls have been made for more tricks to be added my personal opinion is the current bag is adequate, although a floater or re-entry wouldn't hurt. All in all, hats off to the YouRiding team on an epic game & keeping the stoke alive #neverStopRiding
  • Hansen's Open - SUPERBRAND Triple Threat - LIVE

    Looking forward to riding my new board and rocking my new, exclusive, in-game Jersey. Yewww! Thank you guys for putting on this awesome series! #neverstopriding
  • Region 15 spot 2

    Ethan, we are stoked you're back to playing the game again! Have you checked our YouTube channel for tips and How To videos?

    There is also the option to practice your maneuvers under Practice -> Tricks -> select the trick -> practice non stop! I will soon post more in the How To section of the forum for timing and trick tutorials!

    YouTube Timing tutorial ->

    We hope this helps!




    In 2017 YouRiding celebrates it's 10 year anniversary! WOW! We realize that our strength lies in the awesome community of players we have, and this year is all about YOU and ensuring the #COMMUNITYSTOKE. Beyond beating levels, bosses and competing in The Journey, there is a huge community of players that represent the freeride spirit of surfing.

    They create, share and discuss tons of insane screenshots, video edits of them playing and reenacting their favorite sessions or pros. You too can create separate social media accounts, or even your own personal one, and tag @youridinggames

    Each week submissions will get the chance to win tons of YRC and be featured on social media. Start now!
  • 2016 YR Pipe Pro - Triple Crown

    Update Dec 22 2016

    CLEAN SWEEP! Omer_Cohen did it! Omer won every single event on the inaugural The Journey surf Triple Crown... Haleiwa, Sunset and Pipeline. Huge congratulations to the Cali Kid for winning the YR Pipe Pro that saw a record number of competitors... 31,264. Awesome! His presence was known soon after the event started. He was sitting in second place just for a few hours then took hold of that first place spot and didn't look back. Omer will be stoked with another deposit into his bank for 50,000 YouRiding Cash and access to the exclusive YR Pipe Pro golden board trophy.


    Props to FORUHAULE for making it an exciting event at the YR Pipeline Pro. He was on the top of the leaderboard for those first few hours with a solid score. After Omer_Cohen took that first place spot, the Brazilian kept him within sight. Unfortunately, he couldn't get those reachable scores on the last few days. He'll have 30,000 YouRiding Cash in his bank when he logs on again.

    Rounding off the top three on the podium is FelipePujol. The Brazilian walks away with 20,000 YouRiding Cash for his epic efforts. We will definitely see more of this guy in the future for sure.


    ShredNY came in at 11th place and on top of the back twenty. Great job for holding steady in the top 20. Looks like you'll be ready for the 2017 YR Super Tour.


    DRSO (Deep Ranking Shout Out) goes to Batman81. The Italian ended up in 7,767th place at the YR Pipe Pro. He's got solid reputation points for a Shredder. And yes, we love that he's sporting the comp jersey. Thanks for competing in the comp jersey.


    Now that the Triple Crown is done... keep practicing. The 2017 competition schedule is super stacked with the YR Surfing Super Tour, Virtual World Tour, Live Ops and awesome live Tournaments.

  • 2016 YR Pipe Pro - Triple Crown

    Update Dec 21 2016

    OVER 30,000 COMPETITORS have turned out to compete at the last event of the first ever The Journey surf Triple Crown! That is a record here at YouRiding.

    But wait! You still have full solid day of competition. When the clock strikes midnight Pacific Standard Time, that's when we will know if Omer_Cohen pulled off a clean sweep of the Triple Crown. But it's FORAHAULE who can be the spoiler on Omer's quest.


    Here at YR HQ love that Brett_Barley, insane pro surfer, is kicking some serious butt at this event. Just over 500 points separates him from 5th and 4th place. Antoniovalverdee shouldn't let his guard down as we know Brett is going to do everything possible to get into the top three. Be sure to follow this guy on Instagram:


    Again... you've got time to keep going up the ranks.

    DRSO (Deep Rank Shout Out) goes to jahrastafari4_20. Even though he or she is ranked 8,583rd, the jersey shows the commitment. Keep on charging and... #NeverStopRiding


    Full report on the event here in 24 hours.

    Go get it...
  • South Australia region: Lack of Waves in VIC + SA

    Ben, it's good to know of these spots! We definitely want to add more in-depth regions to the game and give credit to a region which has plenty of great surf like South Australia. Some of these waves we don't have much reference material to create waves similar to them especially on their best days.

    Cheers and #NeverStopRiding
  • Spot 11 - Region 5 - Mexico

    Try practicing in the practice menu to perfect your timing.

    Also our YouTube Channel @YouRidingGames provides HOW TO videos. We are working on Roller and Timing HOW TO's!

    Cheers and #NeverStopRiding
  • Why are some level 1 breaks virtually impossible to pass?

    We now give rewards for logging in as well. Use some of your earned boost credits for the amazing boost! We design some of the spots to be difficult but never play to win.

    We are all surfers here who test the game and we have completed the journey without boosts. We make it difficult but manageable!

    Cheers and #NeverStopRiding
  • UK spot 15 impossible

    Did you guys happen to make it through this challenge?

    We have slightly reduced the difficulty of this spot changing the check turn required to get through. You still have to manage the 20-second barrel but this adjustment should make it a bit easier.

    We do give daily rewards for logging into the game. On the third day, you receive boost credits to purchase a boost! Use it for this spot!

    let me know if this helps

    Cheers and #NeverStopRiding
  • Región 15 spot 5

    There are a few options! You can purchase the Amazing timing boost or you can practice your tricks and timing in the practice menu.

    We are now giving daily rewards and on the 3rd day you receive a free boost! Let me know if this helps.

    Cheers and #NeverStopRiding
  • Buttons bug

    Hey guys, try to turn off replay and anything running in the background on your phone. Let us know if this helps at all!

    Cheers and #NeverStopRiding
  • 2016 YR Pipe Pro - Triple Crown

    Update Dec 12 2016


    They are at it again! Omer_Cohen and FORAHAULE... Battling it out for the top spot at the last event of the YouRiding Triple Crown! Less than 2,000 points separates those two and we guarantee you that neither one will let their guard down. We think... actually, we know, each one of them wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is check the YR Pipe Pro leader board. We are doing the same here at YR HQ. Best of luck to both of you. Now, let's take a look at what's going in the rest of the rankings.


    We have a new Brazilian in the top ten... MielMedinaMineiro. It's great to see the Brazilian posse showing new faces in the top ranks. He joins Antoniovalverdee, winner of last week's Live Ops event, in the top ten.

    The Italian, Dorox, is looking solid at the half way point of the YR Pipe Pro. Dorox is one of the first Italians to get into the top four this late in the game. Will Dorox be able to hold off the entire world that are itching to get into the podium prize positions?


    A look at the back 20, we noticed the winner of the live onsite tournament, the Trestles Takedown, Davicus__ is making his way up the leader board. Can he be the first and only surfer to win a live event and a virtual event against the world's best in 2016? We will soon find out.

    DRSO (Deep Ranking Shout Out)... this update we have two that we want to acknowledge. First, we have 352nd placed surf, Gator69. The Australian showing his epic fashion skills with his trunks and booties combination. We know he doesn't care on his looks as he's ahead of the 19,000 other players from around the globe! Keep on climbing up the ranks Gator69.


    Next, it's the Italian R1zlow. Okay... this surfer has some serious steez. Color coordinated and just looking solid. We need to request a real photo of his surfing quiver and attire just to see if he looks as cool in person. We're going to guess, he probably does. He's currently in 6,078th place. That's still in the top half of the leader board.


    To all the competitors... keep on ripping. You still have a solid week to get your highest scores.

  • 2016 YR Sunset Pro - Triple Crown

    We're getting close to the end of the YR Sunset Pro. Yes, Omer_Cohen is still holding on to that first place spot pretty tight.


    The Brazilians are nipping and chomping at that score but are coming up short by at least or maybe two moves. I'm sure they know that the Play by Play of the first place score is available but are they taking advantage of it is the question?


    The American surfers are hanging out from 11th to 20th place; including Trestle Takedown finalist, Rhysevo. There is one Hawaiian in that 10th place spot. Can Kook_McBarney hold onto that ranking or will some of the Mainlanders make their way into the top ten and thus knocking him down into the back twenty?


    Trestle Takedown winner, Davicus__, is showing what he's got against the world. Winning a regional event here in SoCal is much different than facing off against the global contenders. He's currently in the 54th position.

    Deep Ranking Shout Out (DRSO) goes to the surfer holding the Spanish flag, Dasensio. He's currently in 9721st place rocking his red jersey and sick Rusty ride. #NeverStopRiding Dasensio!


    You've got one more full day to keep climbing the rankings. Good luck.
  • 2016 YR Sunset Pro - Triple Crown

    December 2 Update

    We're coming down the home stretch at the YR Sunset Pro with the last day of competition being December 7. And the big question everyone here at YR HQ is asking is... Where is Teixieraa?


    Teixieraa ended with a solid second place behind Omer_Cohen at the YR Haleiwa Pro. Now, as of today, he's pretty far behind the pack and ranked at number 74. We know he's got the skills to remain in the top of the leader board but for some reason, he's dropped way back. Could be that the waves are going off in his home country of Portugal and decided to take a break before the end of the comp. Or maybe the cream from a Pastel de Nata fell into his phone and broke it. We don't know. We hope to hear from him here on the forum.

    We know most of you know about the Play by Play by now but for those of you that don't, now's a good time to consider picking one up. You'll be able to dissect the best scores from your favorite players. The Play by Play won't play the game for you but you will at least have an idea on how the heck some of these riders are getting incredible high scoring rides. And when you grab one, make sure you have all your maneuvers first then snatch Omer_Cohen's Play by Play.


    Another question that is getting tossed around YR HQ is... will FORAHAULE get Omer_Cohen's Play by Play and try to take him out of that first place spot. He's only 1,161 points away! That's literally just one extra move on the wave. FORAHAULE can you do it?


    And of course, we want to give a shout out to some of the surfers at the bottom half of the YR Sunset Pro rankings... this time, we have to give shout outs to JhonJhonSurf. He's got his red jersey on and he's not giving up. He's got some days left to keep marching up the rankings. Good luck JhonJhonSurf!


    You have 'til December 7th to get in your final scores. Good luck and #NeverStopRiding



    WINNER IS Antoniovalverdee -->

    - REGION #18 - SPOT #9


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