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Favorite games All YouRiding Games, GTA (all), Tony Hawk (all), T & C Surf Designs Game
Favorite sports All wave riding sports, running, swimming, cycling, mountain biking... is life a sport.
About Born and raised in San Diego, California it was just a matter of time before I found the ocean and allowed it to take over ever element of my being. I've been bodyboarding since 1980 and was fortunate enough to ride professionally through the 90's. Becoming spoiled with riding the best waves in the world then coming home to two foot waves that last for months, I've learned to master surfing, sup surfing and other wave riding vehicles. Then, after a two year gig at the editor-in-chief at Bodyboarding Magazine (2000-2002), I created a surf/bodyboard tour business with trips to Mexico, Costa Rica and Indonesia. Now, I'm here at YouRiding as the eSports Manager. My job is to create and maintain the ultimate competitive gaming experience for all of YouRiding action sports video games. Never in a million years did I think I'd have this epic job! Not only do I get to surf, bodyboard, SUP (and all the other fun stuff that comes with living in San Diego) before and after work but I get to come to the office and get barreled on the super-beta VR YouRiding Barrel riding game. You kidding me!
Location San Diego, California
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YR eSports Manager

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