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Favorite games I pretty much only play Surfing IV. This is the only "video game" or online game that I have ever played. I can't play "Journey" because my phone's screen is too small.
Favorite sports Surfing
About I am very, very, very old. I was born in 1959. I started surfing in 1968. I have surfed all over California, especially northern California. I lived on outer islands in Hawaii from 1976-1984 and in those years got many good barrels. I've had plenty good barrels in Indonesia too. Now that I am semi-retired and have more time, I am very keen to travel and surf in other parts of the world.

I currently shred on a 7'0" (2.1 m) round nose fish board made by "...lost." It is awesome. I have probably had more than 50 boards over the years and this one is definitely among the top three boards.
Location North of San Francisco, California, USA
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