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    The first event of the year kicks off on the amazing beaches of the Gold Coast with the Snapper Rocks Pro. This is where standard of high scoring performance will be measured. And yes... you're ready for the challenge.

    Snapper Rocks is infamous for it's incredibly long sectiony right hand barrels. The perfect wave to showcase your skills in the barrel, fast steep sections and lip maneuvers.

    We're going to see the best in the business throw down everything they got to claim some of the over 100,000 YouRiding Cash that's up for grabs. Plus, bragging rights for claiming the first event of the year is always good for the ego going into the other events on the tour.

    At the end of the event, five competitors will walk with the goods! Will it be you?

    1st - 50,000 YouRiding Cash PLUS YR Gold Trophy Board valued at 100,000 YRC
    2nd - 30,000 YouRiding Cash
    3rd - 20,000 YouRiding Cash
    4th - 10,000 YouRiding Cash

    5,000 YRC - Best Screenshot of Competition Wave posted on this thread.

    Your thumbs are at their peak and ready to perform. Grab your board and jersey and get you Practice runs nailed down then get in there and kill it!

    Get all the details on how to compete here: http://forum.youriding.com/discussion/5998/how-it-works-surfing-virtual-world-tour/p1
  • Forahaule
  • YR eSports Manager
    ANDROID USERS! Update your game and go to the shop and pick up your exclusive Snapper Rocks comp jersey!
  • Forahaule
    Roundhouse 100% perfect
  • YR eSports Manager

    We are well underway with the first event of the Surfing Virtual World Tour. We've had a full day of competition under our belt and it looks like the Brazilians are not only dominating the bodyboarding world tour but also here with The Journey SURFING VIRTUAL WORLD TOUR. FORAHAULE is in a commanding lead. Over 15,000 points ahead from second place Hawaiian player, NS_NateFlet. The Aussie, jdellrennie and the Portuguese, Teixeiraa, both are over that 100k score but still not enough for first place. It's a great start but there's a question still lingering around the office and around the world...

    Props to Yar75 from Australia for bringing up the top 20. The big question...? WHERE IS Omer_Cohen? He's not in the top 20! The young shredder from California has been dominating the contest scene in The Journey Surf and in the live tournaments. We're finding it strange that he as yet to post one of three competition runs. Rumors are flying around that he's holding out 'til the end of the comp before striking hard. Another rumor says, he's actually in the Maldives surfing with his parents for Spring Break. We don't know for sure, but just be ready for him to show up and lay down some serious scores.

    Some shouts outs... The Brazilian Biel_Reis for color coordinating his red Snapper Rocks event jersey with his sick red wetsuit. He's not doing bad in 67th place. If he, assuming he's a he, breaks 80K, that'll put him in 59th place. Good luck brotha... or sista.

    Next shout out goes to our Puerto Man, ManuelMartinezuco aka UCO. He's been a great supporter from day one. He helped us line up the locals in the game for the Puerto Rico region. Props hermano. He's sporting the white Snapper Rocks jersey and showing he's always down for the cause. If I'm not mistaken, he's going to keep charging until he breaks over that 100th place mark.

    Final and definitely not least shout out goes to the person that dominated the YouRiding V4 Surfing game, Bajan. This guy, with a little more time with The Journey, will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. So keep a close eye on the ripper from Barbados.

    All right surfers... keep shedding and good luck! You have 'til March 26th to keep climbing up that leaderboard. And don't forget to post your screenshots here. We're giving away 5k YRC to the best screenshot as well. #NeverStopRiding
  • YR eSports Manager

    We were all wondering where the heck Omer_Cohen was... well, he's arrived. With a huge push and taking that first place spot from the fierce Brazilian, FORAHAULE. Only 634 points separate the two. Now, FORAHAULE is going to go back to the drawing board and see what the heck he can do to get those such reachable points. This is going to go head to head all the way to the last day, last hour, last minute. We wish them both good luck.

    It's awesome to see underdogs fire up the leaderboard. Case in point... the Frenchman, Jutrib62. Only 15,000 points to contend for that first place spot. If he stays in the top four he's guaranteed some YouRiding Cash. He can be the ultimate spoiler and take that first place spot from everyone! Huge upset can be had by this guy for sure!

    Couple notables today. Tournament style legends, Davicus__ and Flippersurfjen619 are in the battle at Snapper Rocks with honorable 29th and 82nd place, respectively. As for the Americans in the competition, Davicus__ is currently number 5 and Flippersurfjen619 is 13th. Not to bad. Yesterday we were asking, where's Omer_Cohen. Today, we're asking, WHERE'S RESIN_SNAIL? He's another tournament style legend that we have yet to see hit the leaderboard. Hopefully, his boss didn't catch him spending more time in The Journey rather than doing his job.

    Shout Out's are going out to two players deep in the pack that are wearing the Snapper Rocks event jersey. First, props to the Boriqua seaspry. The Puerto Rican is doing it right... looking all color coordinated and shiz. He's got his Superbrand Toy board, Volcom Macaw Mod trunks and yes, a black Snapper Rocks Pro event jersey. Thanks for the support seaspry. Keep shredding.

    nathy_moon gets the second shout out of the day. He's currently 673rd out of 7,100+ competitors. In our books, that very respectable. nathy_moon has his sick Lost Carbon Wrap Baby Buggy board equpped with FCS Carver PC Carbon fins and he's decided to stay warm with the Rip Curl E Bomb Pro Zip Free SS 22. His black Snapper Rocks Pro jersey ties it all in perfectly. Thanks for the support nathy_moon. Keep rockin'!

    You still have over a week of competition left. Remember, we'll be picking one maybe a few more of you that post your best screenshot here on this thread. Good luck and #NeverStopRiding
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    WORDS FROM the 15 year old Californian The Journey Surf top dog... Omer_Cohen

    I personally love all events in YouRiding The Journey a lot because they really show who are the best surfers in the world at any given time. I'm really excited for this first event at Snapper Rocks because I'd like to start off this season with a bang! But the Brazilians, especially FORAHAULE, are giving me a very hard time to get the win. It's great having such great competition that pushes me everyday. I wish everyone that's competing good luck.
  • Ju62
    I don't understand how I can do a better score than 105000. This awesome to put 2 tricks more on this wave! So good!
  • YR eSports Manager
    105k is very respectable. Get one of the top guys Playbooks and see how they do it. Good luck... you still have a week of shredding left in the event!
  • YR eSports Manager
    Omer and the Aussies

    First, a shout out to Own Wright on his win at the real life Snapper Rocks event. He absolutely destroyed it. Congrats!

    Now on to YR Surfing Virtual World Tour... the Snapper Rocks Pro. We are about to hit the 12,000 competitors mark for the event. Huge start for this year's world tour. Thank you all for competing. Now, let's see how you end up against your friends and the world! Remember, for a chance to win some YRC post your best screenshots on this thread. Let's get into the riders...

    In true fashion, Omer_Cohen is sitting in the driver seat as we head into the last stretch of the event. With a week left in the contest window, FORAHAULE has time to attack and jump back into the first place spot. We think he has what it takes to make it possible. We wish them both good luck as we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    We've decided to give this week's Shout Outs to the TOP FIVE AUSTRALIANS that are supporting YouRiding by wearing the comp rashguards. We challenge them all to move up the leaderboard 10 spots before the end of the comp window. If each one of them can pull it off, and email me (), we'll line up 1,000 YRC to each of them that do. Do you think they can do it?

    We start off with Beanbags who's currently in 563rd place and a respectable 67,023. No frills on his avatar here. YR Surfboard basic white with a white jersey and black trunks. We wonder if that's how it is real life. Cool, calm, collected. Shredding under the radar. Beanbags holding it down for the island nation.

    AaronGreen is next in the rankings that's sporting the event jersey. Looks like his flying up the radar as well but AaronGreen opted for the YR Advanced model. Mellow but with a little zip in his style. He's holding steady at 1062rd place with 61,720 points. He's about one amazing maneuver away from Beanbags. We'll find out in a week, if he was able to get that last move in and take over that best Aussie spot. Good luck.

    Currently in that 1806th spot is skippatherippa. Styling with the blue event jersey and the sick Cabianca Medina board, the bearded one can easily skip up the rankings with less than 100 points more. You got this brotha.

    Serious_Monkey. 2,584th place with 50,476 points. This guy is in the top 20 percentile in the rankings. Solid showing so far. But if you look at the scores, he's only 13 points from hopping up three spots on the leaderboard. We're stoked he's in the blue jersey representing.

    Big style points across the board goes to Gmac. Even though he's currently 3,248th place with 46,681 points, he still looks like he's ready to dominate! His YR Pro Series Parker Coffin Pro board and matching red jersey look sick with his Quicksilver Highline Zipperless Green Flash wetsuit underneath. Again, just a few points separtates him from jumping up the rankings a least 10 spots!

    The Australians are coming out in full force and are spread out across the leaderboard. They've got the style points down. But can they wind up and keep climbing up the rankings before the end of the comp window? We say yes. They have a reputation to protect as Aussie surfers.

    Throw your best screen shots on the thread and expect another update tomorrow.
  • Forahaule
    Carving 360
  • Forahaule
    Roundhouse 90° perfect
  • Forahaule
    Air reverse
  • Ju62
    i already take a playbook of the top..but I don't understand how it's possible..a trick after take off at 1'5..it's not possible for me after lots of Wave. Maybe I don't know how to read the playbook.
  • Ju62
    Maybe it would be cool if we can see our playbook. We could read the two playbook and compare
  • Forahaule
    In my opinion this book should be extinguished from the game ... because who gives a damned hard to get the best line and the best scores ... anybody comes and copies his wave ... unraveling the mystery that took him that punctuation.
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