• Thomasbali
    Hi guys, is there anyway to earn youriding dollars through the game ? I know you can always buy some but there' no challenge in it... Some of you know if it possible ? Maybe when you reach a certain level ? Would be great to earn some cash an be able to buy new accesories
  • Fafa
    Same here. Bought a board or a shirt at the beginning thinking i would be back. But then...kinda lame...overall design of the game is poor, really poor usage of the great mechanic...
  • Nicky
    I completely agree. I have spent many hours kn the game and I think maybe everytime you beat a boss you should get 25-50 coins or something small like that
  • wilkoswilly
    yeah.. no reward for accomplishments.. they added these 'boost credits', and i still have idea what they're used for.. same shitty goals for the same shitty waves, just masked as new spots. i got really good at this game when it came out, but the same lameness over and over really pushed me off it. i'll check out the new regions when they come out, but don't really play it much anymore past that, especially when I reach a goal that asks for completing a barrel in x amount of time but the barrel purposely slows up and then abruptly stretches out and gets small- i've wasted too much time on that nonsense and it's zero fun at this point. i even noticed a derth of spelling errors in the wave descriptions on the newest region (south aus), so apparently even the developers are over this game. i came across the mobile fifa soccer game and that immediately stole my attention away from this.

    they created something really cool, but blew it after that.
  • Forahaule
    Friend there are the competitions and to make money you need to win them.
    Train hard and go with everything in competitions !!
    Only the best not everyone wins
    There is the practical option in the menu, train a lot and improve your techniques.
    a hug
  • wilkoswilly
    bro i'm 21st out of 11,000 people at jbay.. i know how to play the game. that wasn't my point at all.
  • Travis Bateman
    We've added daily rewards. 1/2/3/4/5 day rewards. On the 5th day of logging in you receive some YRC.

    We also plan on implementing an achievement system. Example - Ride 10,000 barrels for ____ YRC. or Complete the Journey (100%) and Receive _____ YRC. Beat Region 9 to unlock a special item. (Not exact achievements only examples)

    These features will be added to the game eventually!
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