• im fine as hell
    ..until i got halfway through 'LE JOURNEY'

    only to realize how unnecessarily difficult this is for an iOS based game

    I understand and appreciate the realism aspect of the game. I get that it's absolutely necessary for a game that can translate to real surfers from all over.

    But FFS, requiring 3x 'tailblow to reverse' on a barreling right with 3 closeout sections (region 12 spot 7) is not realistic, it's completely out of touch with surfing altogether.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge through most of the game up to this point, but from where i stand now i feel disconnected from the surfing aspect of the game. It now feels like a repetitive grind that focuses less on the nuances of surfing different classes of waves, and instead provides an unrealistic set of hoops to jump through.

    Couple that with the inconsistency in barrel depth and wave heights when performing certain maneuvers, and you get a surfing game that is devoid of realism or balance.

    The margin between being spit out and being 'too deep' on some of the barrels is next to nothing, and the wave ending because there's 'not enough height' to perform a trick when i'm literally on the lip really drains my will to play through it.

    I understand that people will say that they've beat the game with no problems, and i believe it.

    The main point that i want to make, is that this game needs balance. There are different types of complexities and different types of realism that can go into a surfing game. I feel like YR has chosen some that don't apply very well for an iOS based surfing game.
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