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    It's on every surfer's bucket list... CLOUDBREAK on the island of Tavarua. This incredible left hand reef break is perfect but fast and very shreddable.

    This is the wave where the best barrel riders of the game will shine. Fast long deep barrels are to be had. But if you're not using your speed control properly, many waves will get away from you.

    Practice is vital to nail your comp runs. Take the time to get them in and reach the highest ranks your thumbs will let you.

    Have a look at what is up for grabs in this competition:

    1st - 50,000 YouRiding Cash PLUS YR Gold Trophy Board valued at 100,000 YRC
    2nd - 30,000 YouRiding Cash
    3rd - 20,000 YouRiding Cash
    4th - 10,000 YouRiding Cash

    5th - 10th Place - 2,000 YouRiding Cash

    5,000 YRC - Best Screenshot of Competition Wave posted on this thread. A competition jersey must be worn in your screenshot.

    JUST ADDED for this event only!
    COUNTRY TEAM! The country flag that is represented in the top 20 the most... each player will receive 1,000 YouRiding Cash!.

    Grab your board and comp jersey and get you Practice runs nailed down then get in there and kill it!

    Get all the details on how to compete here: http://forum.youriding.com/discussion/5998/how-it-works-surfing-virtual-world-tour/p1
  • YR eSports Manager

    FORAHAULE! THREE PEAT!!! Wow! The Brazilian Storm sends the winds into the virtual world and has been blowing the competition away! Congrats to FORAHAULE for making it three in a row. Plus, with the new addition of team bonus 1K YRC, the Brazilians took home 4,000 YRC in all. Have a look at the YRC payout:

    1. FORAHAULE - 50,000 YRC + 1,000 YRC (team Brazil) + YRL World Tour Event Trophy
    2. Jirico1982 - 30,000 YRC + 1,000 YRC (team Brazil)
    3. NS_NateFlet - 20,000 YRC
    4. HugoRamos - 10,000 YRC
    5. Nunob - 2,000 YRC
    6. Dorox - 2,000 YRC
    7. Resin_snail - 2,000 YRC
    8. Cabral - 2,000 YRC + 1,000 YRC (team Brazil)
    9. Jutrib62 - 2,000 YRC
    10. Ebert - 2,000 YRC + 1,000 YRC (team Brazil)
    Best Screenshot Of Event - Rosie2488 - 5,000 YRC

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