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    Whoa... this wave is tough! This event will separate the top dogs from the rest of the contingent. Expect to see a huge range between the top 20 and the rest of the international field. But keep your head up and go full charge! Once you practice and practice and practice and get those long barrel sections wired, you're going to be able to clock in those massive scores.

    The last event we saw a new comer to the podium... FORAHUALE took out the world with his impressive high score. Can he do it again? Or will Omer_Cohen come back with fire thumbs and win it all? Maybe, just maybe, we will see another force that will come out of no where and destroy the competition!

    Okay... let's get into it. You'll see below, the top four players will get paid big bucks. But we've also added a couple other ways for your to cash in. Have a look...

    1st - 50,000 YouRiding Cash PLUS YR Gold Trophy Board valued at 100,000 YRC
    2nd - 30,000 YouRiding Cash
    3rd - 20,000 YouRiding Cash
    4th - 10,000 YouRiding Cash

    NEW! This event, we've decided to award the top 10 with some YouRiding Cash! That's right! Crack the top ten and you'll get some coin. 5th through 10th place will get 2,000 YRC. Good luck!

    5,000 YRC - Best Screenshot of Competition Wave posted on this thread.

    Your thumbs are at their peak and ready to perform. Grab your board and jersey and get you Practice runs nailed down then get in there and kill it!

    Get all the details on how to compete here: http://forum.youriding.com/discussion/5998/how-it-works-surfing-virtual-world-tour/p1
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    FORAHAULE! TWO IN ROW! Is this the new player to beat? Congrats to the Brazilian! Check out the YouRiding Cash payout below. Don't miss your chance to win YRC! Next event Fiji Pro June 4 - 16. Check it:
    1. FORAHAULE - 50,000 YRC + YRL World Tour Event Trophy
    2. Omer_Cohen - 30,000 YRC
    3. Jirico1982 - 20,000 YRC
    4. Jutrib62 - 10,000 YRC
    5. Mguajardog - 2,000 YRC
    6. Nunob - 2,000 YRC
    7. NS_NateFlet - 2,000 YRC
    8. Dorox - 2,000 YRC
    9. Resin_snail - 2,000 YRC
    10. MattMatt_Reynolds - 2,000 YRC
    Best Screenshot Of Event - Rosie2488 - 5,000 YRC
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