• sampler
    I've never seen such a well designed game bog down its own experience down with paywalls. Its completely ridiculous. Watching one video or paying 50 game dollars gets you ONE extra life? And leaving the game over night maxes you out at 20 lives? On top of that, I keep pulling in deep to super makeable barrel sections but get the 'too deep' warning and fall off the wave right before I make it out. I would make those sections if I purchased the 'tube boost'. How much money do you realistically expect people to spend on a mobile game? Seriously annoyed.
  • MalpicaSurf

    That is not true. I understand your frustration but I finish the game without spending money and like me, many people. Keep trying and you will get it
  • Forahaule
    Training man...
  • NapalmDeath
    Hi, I have a question, starting the game I noticed I received 500 yr Credits or dollars somehow. But playing the levels I noticed I have not gained any yr credits since I started and I believe I am surfing the 2nd location wave 10 or higher. Is there a way to gain more dollars? Or only through in app purchases? I figured by now I would have made enough dollars to purchase myself a narley board, maybe an H.I.C. or Straight Up board, ya right I wish. Well at least a dam tank top. But no bueno.
  • YR eSports Manager
    Thanks for the question. Yes, there are a couple ways to gain YRC and other goodies. 1. Each consecutive day you play you will gain boosts, YRC and more. You miss a day and you'll go back to the beginning of the freebies list. 2. Compete or post your comp screen shot (we will pick the best winning shot) during the world tour event. We just gave 5,000 YRC to a player for the best screen shot in his comp jersey from the Tahiti Open. He was the only one that posted!

    Sorry to say but our staff has to bring food to the babies at home. So yes, the only other option is to purchase YRC with real money. But you don't need money to continue to play. With that... NEVER STOP RIDING!
  • NapalmDeath
    Okie Dokie ty for the reply back .. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or doing nothing at all. furthermore I do understand you must earn a living. So ill just keep practicing and when I'm better at this game ill consider spending a few bucks to help the Dev's put food on the table. As of yet I suck to bad to know whether i will be a long term player. Last I would like to say you put together a great surfing game, probly the best i have played.. Hope to see more from it.
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