• Meatball Special
    300 waves? This game is Legit even if it's got a few bugs.

    Obvious a lot of time went into development and its understandable why an "unlock all" purchase is not feasable.  However a VIP level purchase would be a great idea if possible to program.

    For a nominal fee surfers receive extra lives, practice credits, boost credits, and maybe a little cash every day when they check in.  Also not stop you from watching ads to get more.  Some days you have more time to play and running out of lives shuts you down.   You guys already know that it takes a few tries to learn a wave and pass a particularly tough challenage. By then you've burned through your lives/boosts.

    The Boss competitions are a great finish to a region and love the fact we can replay them. How about being able to replay level 1 challenge as well?

    Multiplayer very cool, but an offline tour mode to win YRC would be an awesome addition for surfers not good enough to beat the pros or just don't wish to compete online.  Have it unlock say after all Level 1 challenges complete. Multiple difficulty levels with more YRC/ gear for harder levels.

    Just an idea from a guy who doesn't have time to surf anymore.  Props.
  • Mike
    Thanks for the feedback!

    VIP mode: we're thinking of some kind of subscription like that could be good. Just to let you know the next update will feature a "login reward" that gives you something each day you login. And the more days in the row the bigger the reward.

    Play level 1 challenge: yeah we should be able to do that pretty easily. Gonna add it to the todo!

    Offline tour: could you explain it a little bit more?

    Thanks a lot!!!
  • Finbar Jentsch
    Another idea for the to do list.. this isn't really a necessity at all but do you think boards will ever make a difference? For example could there be an option to choose board length (shortboard, stepup, and gun etc) which affects how you surf the wave? (How early you can take off, speed in the barrel, responsiveness etc)
    A way to save up yr cash would be great too but hats off to you, this is a great game and definitely a game changer in my opinion, keep doing what you're doing!
  • Miguel1116
    To build on that tour idea , you guys could really go all the way and make it really insane by making it very imersive and realistic , to do this you guys could add everything that is required of for real surfers to get onto the WSL world surf league for example
    •start off surfing QS 1000 then when you have enough points start surfing QS3000 then QS10000 and eventually qualify for the tour
    •once you are on the tour you would surf all the spots that are on tour and would need to requalify
    •you can also requalify on the QS while on the tour to make sure you dont drop off
    Anothet awesome thing to add would be prizes for winning these world tour comps and then the bigger the comp the more you get. I just think all this will allow for so many more hours of gameplay and will reignite that spark that the game is now lacking now that all the levels are out (sorry for the long comment) -side note, add floaters , foam climbs and foam sections!!!!!!
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