• Dereks
    Based on some of the posts in here, you are going to lose lots of customers on your game. It is a fun game, but really? Make the level one breaks passable. I will be able to pass like four in a row and then all of a sudden it takes me like a month to pass one stinking break. At the moment I am on spot 5 in Portugal. This requires 4 'amazing' tricks on a short wave. Come on man! This is lame. If this is your strategy to keep us playing your game, it won't work. Did your 18 year old, pimple-faced, virgin beta-testers really tell you this was fun? You have to give us some room for error on level one. What will be level 2 at this break...10 'amazing' tricks, a hand stand, and mapping the human genome? Give us some love, or at least some like.
  • Meatball Special
    Happens to me too. Sucks. I've figured out you need boosts to get passed them. Watch videos to earn a pile of them boost up to level 3 and you can pass.
  • Duck
    I have beaten all lvl 1 spots available without boosts and haven't spent a single dollar. If you keep trying u will get past
  • Forahaule
    Friend, train just tell you this ... there is the option to train you will improve your techniques.
    It's not hard at all, I went through all the stages until here, it was so sweet for me, why would not it be for you?
  • Travis Bateman
    We now give rewards for logging in as well. Use some of your earned boost credits for the amazing boost! We design some of the spots to be difficult but never play to win.

    We are all surfers here who test the game and we have completed the journey without boosts. We make it difficult but manageable!

    Cheers and #NeverStopRiding
  • Ash75
    Agree Dereks, this one is the hardest yet after spot 9 in the Atlantic. The wave is just not conducive for 4 amazing manoeuvres. The boosts are load of crap, they don't do anything extra that I have noticed. They are supposed to guarantee an amazing move each time but they don't. Giving up
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