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    SUPERBRAND Triple Threat events are a series of three real-life tournaments that will offer epic battles, cash purse, tons of prizes and YR Regional Points that will go towards your ranking over the course of the three events. The top player at the end of the third event in San Clemente will walk with a spankin' new SUPERBRAND surfboard, cash money and more! Don't miss the action!

    The tournament will be Head to Head battles with each player having three waves per heat. The player with the highest score will advance. For FULL DETAILS check out our How YR Tournaments Work webpage. CLICK HERE.

    WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR INFO: https://youtu.be/po3HUqFrfZo

    The SUPERBRAND Triple Threat Huntington Beach Beer Co Pro is set and ready to go. Two things to consider if you want to be a part of the first event on the 2017 YouRiding Global Tournament Circuit...

    • YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO COMPETE. These are real-life tournaments and you'll be able to display your awesome skills in front of an audience and the world.
    • LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! This is a 1 Star event which means there may be up to 16 spots open. With Wild Card spots offered to the top competitors from the Trestles Takedown. Registration for the remaining spots will be onsite. Updates on Wild Card confirmations will be here and on our Facebook Event Page. If you're under 18, a parent or guardian must be present to sign the entry form. Arrive early!

    Date: Saturday January 7, 2017
    Time: Registration 3pm / Competition 4pm to 6pm
    Competition Wave: Rincon, California (Multiplayer)
    Location: Huntington Beach Beer Co / 201 Main Street, Ste E, Huntington Beach, California
    Type: 1 Star Event - 16 Competitors
    Entry Fee: $25 USD
    Entry Fee Includes
    • Professional Surf Photoshoot The Day Of Event
    • 15,000 YouRiding Cash
    • Exclusive In-Game Virtual Event T-Shirt
    • 1X Regional Points
    • Chance To Win Cash Prize And Sponsor Merchandise


    Want to be a part of it? CLICK HERE for the Full Details on how YouRiding Tournaments work.

    *Be sure to check out our Facebook Event Page for this event. If you're a Facebooker, that'll be the place to interact with fellow players and post your gameplay. If you're not a social media hound, post your comments and gameplay here.

    Cash and Prize Breakdown
    Cash/Prizes (differs per event) To Top Four Players
    • 1st: $80 USD / 50,000 YRC / ZZYXX Shoes / Surface Sunscreen
    • 2nd: $40 USD / 25,000 YRC / RinseKit / Surface Sunscreen
    • 3rd: $20 USD / 15,000 YRC / Superbrand Trunks / Surface Sunscreen
    • 4th: $10 USD / 10,000 YRC / Superbrand T / Surface Sunscreen
    *Based on 16 paid competitors. Cash purse will change if competitor count drops down to 8 or 4 competitors.

    Can you beat these surfers? Winners of the Trestles Takedown back in September 2016. (Left to Right: Rhysevo, Omer_Cohen, Davicus__, SageRoss)
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    EXCLUSIVE Triple Threat jerseys are in! Only available to participants. Let Manny V (event organizer) know you're going... click on GOING on the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/344497335923895/

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    Spots are limited! Click on GOING on our Facebook event page to have priority on registration. Here's a few faces that will be there...




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    The defending tournament champion, Davicus__ will be attending the Superbrand Triple Threat event in Huntington Beach.
  • YR eSports Manager
    Big congrats to Omer_Cohen for the win at the first stop of three on the Superbrand Triple Threat.

    It was an incredible showdown with some of Southern California's best tournament players. We had 8 competitors that were ready to take on Rincon. The top four players consisted of Flippersurfjen619, Davicus__, Resin_snail and Omer_Cohen.

    After some intense moments, including the upset of the last tournament winner, Davicus__ getting knocked out by Resin_snail, and Flippersurfjen619 beating Omer_Cohen on their first wave exchange... things started to settle in for the final match up between Resin_snail and Omer_Cohen.

    Everything looked even after the first wave swap but then Omer_Cohen laid down the hammer on wave two. He dropped down a score that would be the highest of the tournament... over 100,000! Resin_snail had one last attempt to come up big. In the end, it was Omer_Cohen who will continue his reign as the worlds' best player in The Journey surf!

    Check out the highlight reel:
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