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    SURFING VIRTUAL WORLD TOUR detailed information.. CLICK HERE.

    Welcome to the YR Pipe Pro. This event is the epitome high performance surfing.

    There are only thousands of international YouRiding surfers standing in the way of your shot at being called the 2016 YR Pipe Pro Champion. You're ready for the challenge.

    The question is... how famous do you want to be? Win the YR Pipe Pro and you'll be catapulted to instant stardom.

    Post your comments, screenshots and video game play here. Good luck and have fun!

    YR Pipe Pro Prize Purse
    1st - 50,000 YouRiding Cash PLUS YR Gold Board valued at 100,000 YRC
    2nd - 30,000 YouRiding Cash
    3rd - 20,000 YouRiding Cash
  • ShredNY
    Very impressive start by @Forahaule putting up 83,522 on the first day at pipeline
  • YR eSports Manager
    Have you seen the latest scores? Update coming tonight...
  • YR eSports Manager
    Update Dec 12 2016


    They are at it again! Omer_Cohen and FORAHAULE... Battling it out for the top spot at the last event of the YouRiding Triple Crown! Less than 2,000 points separates those two and we guarantee you that neither one will let their guard down. We think... actually, we know, each one of them wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is check the YR Pipe Pro leader board. We are doing the same here at YR HQ. Best of luck to both of you. Now, let's take a look at what's going in the rest of the rankings.


    We have a new Brazilian in the top ten... MielMedinaMineiro. It's great to see the Brazilian posse showing new faces in the top ranks. He joins Antoniovalverdee, winner of last week's Live Ops event, in the top ten.

    The Italian, Dorox, is looking solid at the half way point of the YR Pipe Pro. Dorox is one of the first Italians to get into the top four this late in the game. Will Dorox be able to hold off the entire world that are itching to get into the podium prize positions?


    A look at the back 20, we noticed the winner of the live onsite tournament, the Trestles Takedown, Davicus__ is making his way up the leader board. Can he be the first and only surfer to win a live event and a virtual event against the world's best in 2016? We will soon find out.

    DRSO (Deep Ranking Shout Out)... this update we have two that we want to acknowledge. First, we have 352nd placed surf, Gator69. The Australian showing his epic fashion skills with his trunks and booties combination. We know he doesn't care on his looks as he's ahead of the 19,000 other players from around the globe! Keep on climbing up the ranks Gator69.


    Next, it's the Italian R1zlow. Okay... this surfer has some serious steez. Color coordinated and just looking solid. We need to request a real photo of his surfing quiver and attire just to see if he looks as cool in person. We're going to guess, he probably does. He's currently in 6,078th place. That's still in the top half of the leader board.


    To all the competitors... keep on ripping. You still have a solid week to get your highest scores.

    02_pipe12122016 (961K)
  • YR eSports Manager
    Update Dec 21 2016

    OVER 30,000 COMPETITORS have turned out to compete at the last event of the first ever The Journey surf Triple Crown! That is a record here at YouRiding.

    But wait! You still have full solid day of competition. When the clock strikes midnight Pacific Standard Time, that's when we will know if Omer_Cohen pulled off a clean sweep of the Triple Crown. But it's FORAHAULE who can be the spoiler on Omer's quest.


    Here at YR HQ love that Brett_Barley, insane pro surfer, is kicking some serious butt at this event. Just over 500 points separates him from 5th and 4th place. Antoniovalverdee shouldn't let his guard down as we know Brett is going to do everything possible to get into the top three. Be sure to follow this guy on Instagram:


    Again... you've got time to keep going up the ranks.

    DRSO (Deep Rank Shout Out) goes to jahrastafari4_20. Even though he or she is ranked 8,583rd, the jersey shows the commitment. Keep on charging and... #NeverStopRiding


    Full report on the event here in 24 hours.

    Go get it...
  • YR eSports Manager
    Update Dec 22 2016

    CLEAN SWEEP! Omer_Cohen did it! Omer won every single event on the inaugural The Journey surf Triple Crown... Haleiwa, Sunset and Pipeline. Huge congratulations to the Cali Kid for winning the YR Pipe Pro that saw a record number of competitors... 31,264. Awesome! His presence was known soon after the event started. He was sitting in second place just for a few hours then took hold of that first place spot and didn't look back. Omer will be stoked with another deposit into his bank for 50,000 YouRiding Cash and access to the exclusive YR Pipe Pro golden board trophy.


    Props to FORUHAULE for making it an exciting event at the YR Pipeline Pro. He was on the top of the leaderboard for those first few hours with a solid score. After Omer_Cohen took that first place spot, the Brazilian kept him within sight. Unfortunately, he couldn't get those reachable scores on the last few days. He'll have 30,000 YouRiding Cash in his bank when he logs on again.

    Rounding off the top three on the podium is FelipePujol. The Brazilian walks away with 20,000 YouRiding Cash for his epic efforts. We will definitely see more of this guy in the future for sure.


    ShredNY came in at 11th place and on top of the back twenty. Great job for holding steady in the top 20. Looks like you'll be ready for the 2017 YR Super Tour.


    DRSO (Deep Ranking Shout Out) goes to Batman81. The Italian ended up in 7,767th place at the YR Pipe Pro. He's got solid reputation points for a Shredder. And yes, we love that he's sporting the comp jersey. Thanks for competing in the comp jersey.


    Now that the Triple Crown is done... keep practicing. The 2017 competition schedule is super stacked with the YR Surfing Super Tour, Virtual World Tour, Live Ops and awesome live Tournaments.

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