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    SURFING VIRTUAL WORLD TOUR detailed information.. CLICK HERE.

    This is Sunset Beach... welcome to the YR Sunset Pro. Oahu's iconic heavy outer reef not only can break your board but also break your spirit. But it can also raise you to the top of surfing world's big wave riding hall of fame.

    Negotiating the drop then taking advantage of the infamous inside barrel is what you're going to have to do in order to take the win here against the globe's surfing elite.

    Will you be the one to take the win on the second event of YouRiding's Triple Crown?

    Post your comments, screenshots and video game play here. Good luck and have fun!

    YR Sunset Pro Prize Purse
    1st - 50,000 YouRiding Cash PLUS YR Gold Board valued at 100,000 YRC
    2nd - 30,000 YouRiding Cash
    3rd - 20,000 YouRiding Cash
  • YR eSports Manager
    November 30 Update

    Well... it looks like Omer_Cohen is on another solid run here at Sunset Beach. His dominance in the Surfing Virtual World Tour has proven that he IS the surfer to beat. FORAHAULE is hot on his tail once again. Only a couple thousand separate the top two surfers. With 50,000 YRC and the YR Gold Board award for first, you know that both of these players are not going to let down 'til the last day of competition on December 6.


    Notable Mentions...

    YouRiding top player and professional surfer, Brett_Barley, is currently in a respectable 9th place. He's still just shy of 12,000 points away from first place. If you want to see this guy shred in real-life, check out and follow his instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brettbarley/


    Finally, we have to give props to the players that are in the backend of the rankings for Sunset Beach. Although, we want all our competitors wearing the event jersey, we do have to agree that 7354th ranked surfer, palajoda, looks cool in his exclusive YR Cosmic gear. Keep charging and #NeverStopRiding


    Post your own screenshot of your ranking or your gameplay. We want to see it. And if you post on Instagram, be sure to hashtag #sunsetbeach #triplecrown @youridinggames

    Good luck and #NeverStopRiding
  • chornster
    Could you not introduce prizes for best surfer from each region? I.e Brazil, USA, Uk etc. I say this because I am currently top of the UK listings! ha ha
  • YR eSports Manager
    This is the wrong thread for this question. But's it's an incredible idea. How are you doing in the Sunset Beach event?
  • YR eSports Manager
    December 2 Update

    We're coming down the home stretch at the YR Sunset Pro with the last day of competition being December 7. And the big question everyone here at YR HQ is asking is... Where is Teixieraa?


    Teixieraa ended with a solid second place behind Omer_Cohen at the YR Haleiwa Pro. Now, as of today, he's pretty far behind the pack and ranked at number 74. We know he's got the skills to remain in the top of the leader board but for some reason, he's dropped way back. Could be that the waves are going off in his home country of Portugal and decided to take a break before the end of the comp. Or maybe the cream from a Pastel de Nata fell into his phone and broke it. We don't know. We hope to hear from him here on the forum.

    We know most of you know about the Play by Play by now but for those of you that don't, now's a good time to consider picking one up. You'll be able to dissect the best scores from your favorite players. The Play by Play won't play the game for you but you will at least have an idea on how the heck some of these riders are getting incredible high scoring rides. And when you grab one, make sure you have all your maneuvers first then snatch Omer_Cohen's Play by Play.


    Another question that is getting tossed around YR HQ is... will FORAHAULE get Omer_Cohen's Play by Play and try to take him out of that first place spot. He's only 1,161 points away! That's literally just one extra move on the wave. FORAHAULE can you do it?


    And of course, we want to give a shout out to some of the surfers at the bottom half of the YR Sunset Pro rankings... this time, we have to give shout outs to JhonJhonSurf. He's got his red jersey on and he's not giving up. He's got some days left to keep marching up the rankings. Good luck JhonJhonSurf!


    You have 'til December 7th to get in your final scores. Good luck and #NeverStopRiding

    Screenshot_20161202-152906 (1M)
  • Forahaule
    Good morning Youriding staff

    I come here to save all the friends who are disputing the triplice crown and mainly Omer_Cohen, this guy is taking my sleep I'm trying of all forms pass it but this very difficult.
    But I still have 3 days for this and I'll try until the last minute passes it.
    And I come to pay my friend jirico1982 who is traveling and can not participate in this stage, and also Antoniovalverdee my compatriot who is behind me in the third position.
    2 Brazilians on the podium is a great achievement for us.
    Omer_cohen I'm in your cola until the last minute
    Thanks for the great dispute.
  • YR eSports Manager
    Once we figured out that when you use the word dispute, you mean competition or competing, everything made sense. Yes, the competition has been insane! And we thank the incredible Brazilian players for always making a great showing. You have a couple more days! Good luck!
  • YR eSports Manager
    We're getting close to the end of the YR Sunset Pro. Yes, Omer_Cohen is still holding on to that first place spot pretty tight.


    The Brazilians are nipping and chomping at that score but are coming up short by at least or maybe two moves. I'm sure they know that the Play by Play of the first place score is available but are they taking advantage of it is the question?


    The American surfers are hanging out from 11th to 20th place; including Trestle Takedown finalist, Rhysevo. There is one Hawaiian in that 10th place spot. Can Kook_McBarney hold onto that ranking or will some of the Mainlanders make their way into the top ten and thus knocking him down into the back twenty?


    Trestle Takedown winner, Davicus__, is showing what he's got against the world. Winning a regional event here in SoCal is much different than facing off against the global contenders. He's currently in the 54th position.

    Deep Ranking Shout Out (DRSO) goes to the surfer holding the Spanish flag, Dasensio. He's currently in 9721st place rocking his red jersey and sick Rusty ride. #NeverStopRiding Dasensio!


    You've got one more full day to keep climbing the rankings. Good luck.
  • YR eSports Manager
    With the YR Pipe Pro coming up, we leave you with the recap of the YR Sunset Pro final rankings. Check it...

    16,472 showed up to throw down at the YR Sunset Pro and it was Omer_Cohen who absolutely destroyed it. He was always at least 2,000 points ahead of the surfer in second place. We took a look Omer_Cohen's Play By Play (which is available to everyone) and his 94,720 high score was totally packed to the rim with big moves. But his highest score maneuver came by way of a 12,334 6.3 Deep Barrel ride! What?! He followed that up with a 2,250 good Top Turn and an amazing Power Carve Slide that clocked in a 9,080 score. Absolutely incredible.


    We asked Omer_Cohen how he feels after making it two in a row in the Triple Crown. Here's what he had to say...
    "I am really excited for the win and the Pipe Pro! I am definitely going for the clean sweep!"

    The Brazilians came out in full force! Lead by FORAHAULE, they just couldn't get up to Omer_Cohen's speed. Jirico1982, YuRiding and Antoniovalverdee rounded out the top second to fifth place riders. YuRiding, if you haven't noticed, is doing double duty. He's currently one, if not the, best players in The Journey Bodyboard video game as well. So to see him here on top of the rankings in the surf, is a sight to see. Can he dominate in both sports?


    DRSO (Deep Ranked Shout Outs) are going out to 10,308th placed Hawaiian Honu832 and the Aussie stlkwertdr who ended up in 10,723rd. Both surfers were proudly wearing their event jerseys and never gave up even though they got dusted by the top players. Great job surfers.



    Next stop... YR Pipe Pro. Good luck and we'll see you in the line up at the Banzai Pipeline on Oahu's North Shore.
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