• lukas
    how you make money in the mobile game ?. I do not receive money in the game , and I see the pictures of play store , have much. I need money to go buy things !! :s
  • lidder-dj
    Good question lukas. I too think you should be able to win money to top your kitty up in the game. The business model relies on you spending real money to buy game money, but it would be good if you could also win money.
  • YR eSports Manager
    What up fellas? Manny V here.

    I think you have a great idea. Keep in mind this is version one. We're working around the clock to bring the coolest things possible for the game.

    Hang in there and rest assured, it's only going to get better from here.

  • Mike
    Yeah that's something we're going to add later on with the "achievements".
  • lukas
    thanks guys, the game is awesome!! (Y) 8-)
  • Justin
    I also think it would be awsome if there was a freeplay or u didnt have to wait for lifes to be able to play... that sucks cuz id spend alooooot more time playing this game if so!
  • Jeremy
    Totally need to make money in the game. I don't mind the long wait to earn free surf the game is amazing and fun so it's fine like that to me, but I totally dislike that I can't earn in game currency. I would pay for the app to resolve that issue if there was a one time but option available.
  • Yuberth
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  • Teaghan
    Another good idea would be the ability to do tow in waves and if you had a free mode where you were able to paddle out and set your self up
  • Scott taylor
    The best idea is to have competition's where players can win real money!!! And not just a few bucks REAL MONEY!!
  • Scott taylor
    The best idea is to have players pay real money for a surf competition for a chance to win a real money jackpot!!! And not just a few bucks REAL MONEY!!
    You guys do that and what how many people enter the comp!!!!
  • newzywiki
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  • Nate
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