• Wbjetty18
    Anyone else really struggling to get past this level. I can't seem to find 10 seconds worth of tube time anywhere.... only level I haven't beat
  • wilkoswilly
    just beat it.. was the last level i had to get through too. there have been a few stages like this so i knew i'd eventually figure it out after try after try. here's what i did if it's any help..

    drop in (normal drop) right before the lip peels, immediately take a high line and do my checkturn. high line for the 'amazing' check turn is critical. after that, pump my way for about a second and a half til the second section starts to break (not directly where it starts to break but a tad further down the wave so i can make that whole fast section). that first bit of cover up is where i got my claim in, and then the wave will slow up. i let go of my claim when it slows (still stalling to stay in the tube), and then when you can see the wave start feathering down the line you have to time it so you start pumping (having released the claim) while still in the barrel, and after like 2 pumps the wave should start racing again and you just have to trust you're going fast enough to keep up (if you've timed it correctly, you should make it). after that section you should have the 10 secs of tube time, and then you just have to do a couple top turns/rollers/layback snaps of your choice to get the remaining points of the 55000 you need.. obviously this is the easy part. the wave does start to race again before the close out so make sure you dont do a trick that will hold you up. if you still need points but the wave is closing out, i've found that the game allows for a full cutback inside the closeout and you will get 'amazing' points for it.

    it's annoying for sure. good luck.
  • Kniven
    By far the most challenging mission so far. Must have been trying +300 waves but still no. A bit sad about people have actually succeeded so no tweak or fix is going to be done. Annoyiiiiing! I keep on trying then...
  • EduRibas
    I'm on it too. Got the barrel once but I had not got the perfect checkturn, dumb me!
  • EduRibas
    Just got it! Keep trying and you will succeed. Late drop, check turn on first section. Then try to dont go too far in the tube and keep speed to pass the first closing section. Some waves are better than others, so after someones you will get a good one.

    At the end, carve slide, top turn and then when the wave is already closing out, do a top turn. With that a got 58k
  • GrantHann
    i think some of the wave models have algorithms built in that require you to make so many attempts before it'll unlock the wave. I've had a few where I've really struggled and then all of a sudden without doing anything different i'll get my required barrel time or "amazing" trick...just my opnion
  • Kniven
    Getting closer. Made it a couple of times but not yet with a perfect CheckTurn (every other trick I can be sure to get Awesome score before I do it but no way with CheckTurns).

    Btw imop there is a significant increase of difficulty with France. Had big level 1 problems with both Alcyons and Parlementia. Now at La Nord and its a bit of a challenge as well. What's to come? I dread.
  • EduRibas
    I agree with Grandhann. The best waves normally take some time to appear
  • Kniven
    Almost there! Have made it until the last trick to get the 55k a couple of times. Two times at 54k... A bit fun as I trying to figure out the best setup - now Im doing a Power slide (and holding it a bit to slow down) after takeoff and then a checkturn and then hoping to get one of those waves that stays open the required 10sec.
  • Ash75
    This is last spot left for me for level 2. Is is definitely frustrating, more than the level 1 Atlantic Islands. After 200+ lives i can easily get the amazing check turn at take off but still can't come out of the 10sec barrel, let alone anywhere near 55,000 points,. I haven't tried any boosts but I don't they will even help with this one. Coming out of the 10sec barrel is ridiculously difficult and this is my last spot left to complete the whole journey. Grrrrr :-)
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