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    1st Place - $100,000 YRC
    Super Brand Surfboard/Trunks/Tee, Rinse Kit, Original Grain Watch, Filtrate Shades, ZZYXX Shoes

    2nd Place - $50,000 YRC
    Rinse Kit, Original Grain Watch, Super Brand Tee, Super Brand Trunks, Filtrate Shades, ZZYXX Shoes

    3rd Place - $25,000 YRC
    Original Grain Watch, Super Brand Trunks, Filtrate Shades

    4th Place - $10,000 YRC
    Original Grain Watch, Super Brand Tee, Filtrate Shades

    This is it people! The first ever onsite live YouRiding The Journey Surf Video Game Tournament is going down Sunday September 4th at the OC Tavern in San Clemente. It's the weekend before the pros make their way to Trestles for the WSL event.

    We're going to have a handful of pros on hand to sign autographs, hang out and more importantly... take on the best players in the area. That's right... they will also compete in the tournament! Do you have what it takes to take out the pros in The Journey? If so, this is your opportunity!

    Details are coming down the pipeline as you read this. We're just days from locking in our sponsors. Big prizes will be up for grabs and we're organizing to have a massive raffle as well.

    So mark your calendars to September 4th. 4pm-9pm and be ready to do battle as we find out who the first The Journey Tourney Champ will be!

    Date: Sunday September 4, 2016
    Location: OC Tavern, San Clemente
    Tournament Time: 4pm - 9pm
    Sign Up (Free To Enter): 3pm - 3:30pm ::: First come, first serve basis!

    32 Competitors
    -Head to Head Bracket (Round 1, Round 2, Quarters, Semis, Final)
    -Onsite Sign Ups - Free To Enter. First Come First Serve Basis.
    -Wild Cards
    -Professional Surfers
    -In-Game Locals

    Super Brand (http://www.superbranded.com)
    RinseKit ((http://www.rinsekit.com)
    Original Grain watches (http://www.originalgrain.com)
    Filtrate eyewear (http://filtrateeyewear.com)
    ZZYXX shoes (https://www.zzyxxshoes.com)
    Surfrider Foundation (https://www.surfrider.org)
    YouRiding Games (http://www.youriding.com/en)

    Raffle - All Ticket Sales Will Go To The Surfrider Foundation
    -$5 Donation/Tickets
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  • YR eSports Manager

    Congrats to the 15 year old Davicus__ from San Clemente for winning the The Journey Trestles Takedown!

    The first onsite The Journey Surfing video game tournament went down in true Epic fashion. From the beginning, the competitors eyes were fixated on the big screen to size up everyone's skills and potential head to head action competitor.

    One of the biggest upsets of the evening was when the 23 year old number 8 seed from Huntington Beach, SageRoss, took out the number 1 seed, Omer_Cohen in the semi final. Omer_Cohen could not believe what just happened as he walked back to his seat in absolute disbelief! Omer_Cohen faced off with Rhysevo in decider for 3rd and 4th, respectively. Omer_Cohen wasn't going down without a serious fight against Rhysevo (Superbrand team rider. 20 years old. Laguna Niguel) . In fact, Omer_Cohen got the highest score of the event in that battle and ended up in 3rd place overall. Rhysevo ended up in a very respectable 4th overall.

    The non-wildcard, Davicus__, showed up three hours early to ensure a spot in the competition. That only showed that he meant business. He was ranked number 2 in the Trestles Freeride rankings just under Omer_Cohen. He faced off with the 23 year old Huntington Beach underdog, SageRoss. SageRoss was absolutely capable of beating Davicus__ in the final as he already took out the number 1 seed. Here, he faced off with number 2 in the Trestles Freeride rankings. The question was... could he do and walk away with a brand new custom Superbrand surfboard!?

    The final was set and it was Davicus__ who looked strong and confident. SageRoss was looked focus but knew he had to lay it all on the line on each of his three final waves of the event. He was first one to start the final. After a solid run, full of sick maneuvers all the way to the closeout at Trestles, his first run came in a 90,114. Up next was Davicus__ on his first wave. Davicus__ put the hammer down and clocked in a super solid score of 118,556! One of the top scores of the event! Incredible. It was an uphill battle from here on out for SageRoss. The nerves got to him as he was only able to get 59,511 on his second wave.

    Feeling comfortable, Davicus__ puts together a solid run and beats SageRoss' first wave score and gets 95,018 on his second wave.

    After a quick interview from guest commentator, Justin Cote from Superbrand, SageRoss starts his last and final attempt to beat Davicus__'s score of 118,556. Can he do it.

    The crowd was focused on the big screen. If SageRoss beat that score, Davicus__ does have one more wave to come back. So it all depended on this wave. SageRoss dropped in on the right, as most players did, and was looking great with solid scores from each maneuver. But as he got to 52,546, he did a check turn and right after went for a lip maneuver with not enough speed and feel off the board! The crowd went crazy and blew out the audio on our recording devices!
    In true sportsman-like conduct, SageRoss congradulated Davicus__ for the win and the celebration begun for Davicus__.

    Next, it was the raffle of epic prizes. All the money from the raffle will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation for all their support. Finally... it was the awards ceremony.

    It was great to see the stoke on the top players' faces as they were handed nearly $200,000 in YouRiding Cash, and prizes from our epic sponsors: Superbrand, RinseKit, Filtrate Eyewear, Original Grain watches and ZZYXX footwear.

    Thank you all for coming out and watching our Facebook live feed. Keep your eyes on our YouRiding Facebook page for all the info on the next onsite event. It's going to be sick!
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