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    September 21 - 25

    Viana De Castello is located in the north of Portugal and is another new addition to the APB World Tour. This is another epic beach break suited for all competitors in all categories. Viana De Castello will join the Nazare Pro and Sintra Pro as the 3rd event of the “Portuguese Triple Crown” – The first inaugural Triple Crown of Bodyboarding! Are you ready to throw it down? You better be because the world's best will be ready!

    Read the Rules and Details for the APB Virtual World Tour. CLICK HERE.

    Make sure you keep an eye on the APB site as well for when they go LIVE with their real life events. Here's the link: http://apbtour.com/live/

    Top four players will win virtual items.
    1st place - 10,000 YRC + 50 lives + EXCLUSIVE COMP HAT & SIGNED COMP T!
    2nd place - 7,000 YRC + 30 lives
    3rd place - 3,000 YRC + 20 lives
    4th place - 1,000 YRC + 10 lives

    *Final scores will be posted on the specific event page here in the forum. Winners will be notified via email from Manny V (YouRiding eSports Manager). Good luck!

    We'll be using this thread for reference to all shout outs and all other commentary. So comment below.

    For now, keep practicing and be sure to pick up your own exclusive event jersey you'll be able to wear during competition.
  • YR eSports Manager
    After the first day of competition, looks like YuRiding is on fire... again. But the battle for second just got a little taste of the South African heat. With Tristan Roberts getting knocked out in the real-life Viana Pro, looks like Justin_Clark will be carrying the SA flag in The Journey in his honor. Will Justin_Clark be the dark horse that will give the world dominating Brazilian, YuRiding, a run for his money? He's within striking distance.

    After chatting with YuRiding though, it sounds like he's on a full on mission to complete all wins in Portugal and end with a win at Fronton King. Just have a look at the top 10 below... if anyone can do it, it's these players.

    Or is it you and you don't know it yet? Are YOU the darkhorse that'll bring in the new guard and give YuRiding some calmy palms? You've got a few more days of competition remaining.

    Tune in tomorrow here with an update...

  • YR eSports Manager

    Another congrats goes out to the Brazilian Dominator... YuRiding. He gets another tick on his APB YouRiding World Tour belt. That's three in a row for the champ. He was quoted as saying he's going for it all. Here at YouRiding HQ talks keep coming about who will be the player that will take out YuRiding and after a few talks... it's very tough to say if there will be another person that can do it. Each event, he's been ahead of second place by an 'amazing' manuever that'll rack up 8 to 9 thousand points!

    It's great to see new names in the line up but everyone seems to come up short every time YuRiding puts on his gloves. Very commendable efforts from the French though. The darkhouse comes out strong and shows that he has skills to play with the big guns. blaroude posts a second place for his debut in the top four! Amazing! We hope to see more of him in the next two events. Then there was fourth place finisher, Francois, who won the Itacoatiara Pro a few months back. I'd really like to know if they know each other and practice together? Two french in the top four has cut into the Brazilian dominance. And in the top ten, we got four total French players. What are they drinking over there? Whatever it is, send some our way.

    Making a great showing and remaining in the top three spots during the entire event was the South African Justin_Clark. Very impressive and obviously has the skills to be in the top level YR competitions. Will he be the one to knock YuRiding off his domination mantle?

    Few other notablea... the Brazilian, Cleiton_Albuquerque, post another amazing result but came up short for a podium finish. And if eight place finisher, Kernowlokal, was really from Antarctica (chosen flag) you'd think he'd be better with all that time on his hands.

    Finally... it was great to see a mix up from competitors from around the world making a run for the wins on the YouRiding APB Virtal World Tour.

    One ultimate last thing... Huge congrats to the South African Iain Campbell for winning the real APB Viana Pro event. Matheus Bastos, the Braziilian, wins the Pro Jr. Kinda cool to see some similarities in the real and virtual events... Brazilians and South Africans mean business by making it into the top ten.

    Next event is at Nazare... there's only two more events left! Start practicing at Nazare Freeride and try to beat YuRiding in the old country... Portugal.

  • Yuri Teixeira
    Yeeeeeeaaaahhh !!! Very stoked to win again !! Nazaré here I go !

    #neverstopriding #triplecrownloading
  • Cleiton Albuquerque
    Congratulations Yuri! See you in Nazaré pro! (Y)
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