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    September 13 -18

    We head to the very popular sandy beaches of Praia Grande in Portugal for the Sintra Pro. On a good day, this beach break can dump on the shallow sand bars and create epic launch ramps for big flips and air maneuvers. Throw in deep pits and you'll be seeing high scores from the top riders for sure.

    Read the Rules and Details for the APB Virtual World Tour. CLICK HERE.

    Make sure you keep an eye on the APB site as well for when they go LIVE with their real life events. Here's the link: http://apbtour.com/live/

    Top four players will win virtual items.
    1st place - 10,000 YRC + 50 lives + EXCLUSIVE COMP HAT & SIGNED COMP T!
    2nd place - 7,000 YRC + 30 lives
    3rd place - 3,000 YRC + 20 lives
    4th place - 1,000 YRC + 10 lives

    *Final scores will be posted on the specific event page here in the forum. Winners will be notified via email from Manny V (YouRiding eSports Manager). Good luck!

    We'll be using this thread for reference to all shout outs and all other commentary. So comment below.

    For now, keep practicing and be sure to pick up your own exclusive event jersey you'll be able to wear during competition.
  • YR eSports Manager

    That's number 2 for the Brazilian @yuriat08. The high off his win in Chile never faltered! He wins the Sintra Pro! Yuri took the lead from the first day and never looked back. The next next three placings switching around like a game of musical chairs. Yuri is only adding to his already plump YRC bank. He's going to walk away with 10,000 YRC, 50 lives, a signed event t-shirt and hat.

    In the end it was a Hawaiian (no username) that came in 2nd. It's not too hard to edit your username. If you can smoke the international field of competitors, we're sure you can come up with a cool username. Either way, congrats on your second place and your winnings of 7,000 YouRiding Cash and 30 lives.

    Another Brazilian took one of the top four spots... arthursurfe came in a very impressive 3rd place. Looks like we have some changing of the guards that have ruled those top spots. arthursurfe will be stoked with 3,000 YRC and 20 lives that will be added to his account.

    The Australian, Chopsy, has been showing face in the Freeride rankings on selected waves in The Journey. His practice paid off and took that last spot on the podium. Consistency usually pays off and Chopsy is on a good run right now. He'll be waking up to 1,000 YRC and 10 lives in his YouRiding account.

    Solid run from all the competitors. Congrats once again to Yuri!

    The Viana Pro begins September 21!

    Get ready to battle!
  • Cleiton Albuquerque
    Congratulations YouRiding! We see the next step ..(Y)
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