• Jstayzstoked
    surfingIV should be compatible with xbox one nd ps4 controllers like snowboarding whats your thoughts

    now im not sure if its just because the snowboarding game is bigger or truthfully what the case is but i think this should have been a option on surf iv for a while now
    now also their have been a lot of console gamers with posted forums on when is the next surfing game coming out for a console and their hasn't been one in a long time and i think this is defiantly one of the best online surfing games i have ever played iv ever played online but i my opinion is that the keyboard suck and i think you may be able to draw more people to the game especially console gamers like my self if you had this compatibility but once again i think this option is just a little long over due and should seriously considered

    thanks for reading guys and pleas let me know what your opinion on this is
  • Jstayzstoked
    this still doesn't answer my question on this topic you post a link with issue on the bodyboarding game and this is about surfIV i don't see how that's relevant
  • Imaginary Mary
    ;) Did this never get addressed or answered? I'd like to get back here about that. I don't see a problem with a console interfacing with anything that's still able to be played/run/interacted with online...

    Back in a few.
  • Imaginary Mary
    I apologize that something so small took me an eternity to check on.

    What I've come up with ended up being similar, if not exactly like I had tried to say earlier. I might not have been able to explain though. I'm not great with electronics and certainly not with explaining them. I'll try to keep it simple:

    In order to hook up a "remote device" (like my phone) I would need to accomplish some unbelievably unclear steps and in an order exactly like the steps are telling me. That is, if the steps were speaking charades. I tried a few ways and found it easy enough, but seemed like I was missing just one link or was timed incorrectly. I'm going to settle that with saying that I'm an APPLE/MAC user and have a PS3. These two don't speak the same language, or even close to it.

    i.e. the easiest and most direct way to accomplish playing this game on that platform is to just hook up my laptop directly into the HDMI in the back. Make sense? Until I can drag some Apple associate away from like long enough to walk me through it, then I have some other things to do ;)


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