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    Congratulations to Marc Goodnough from California for taking the win at the first event of the APB YouRiding Tahiti Challenge. More info below...

    The Teahupo'o Challenge will be the first event on the APB Virtual World Tour in The Journey. You'll be able to ride the same wave as the pros. Read the Rules and Details for the APB Virtual World Tour. CLICK HERE.

    Make sure you keep an eye on the APB site as well. Here's the link: http://apbtour.com/live/

    We're excited to partner up with the APB in 2016. Many awesome things are lining up and this is definitely one on the top of the list.

    Top four players will win virtual items.
    1st place - 10,000 YRC + 50 lives + EXCLUSIVE COMP HAT & SIGNED COMP T!
    2nd place - 7,000 YRC + 30 lives
    3rd place - 3,000 YRC + 20 lives
    4th place - 1,000 YRC + 10 lives
    *Final scores will be posted on the specific event page here in the forum. Winners will be notified via in-game notification from admin. Good luck!

    We'll be using this thread for reference to all shout outs and all other commentary. So comment below.

    For now, keep practicing and check out the exclusive jersey you'll be able to wear during competition.


  • YR eSports Manager
    What's up people? Manny V coming to you from Teahupo'o. We're going into the Main Event here at the real life event. But I want to know how you're doing on the APB Virtual World Tour. Commment with your highest score, your hometown and any current sponsors. Add a photo of your face too... so we know who you are. Good luck... you have until May 2nd to make it happen!
  • CristobalS
    WAAZAAA BROTHAAA. Im back in the Journe =)

    Bro Is posible to know who have the high score so far? I pull out a 44.115 but I dont have any reference from other player.

    Un fuerte abrazo hermano.

  • Biscay Louis
    Training... :’(
  • Rafanasio
    I unistalled the game, then installed again and nothing happened. What should I do to upload the new version and be able to compete the Teahupoo event? Thanks
  • samot22

    Buena suerte a todos
  • MalpicaSurf
    I wasn't lucky this time, here is my one!!!o8t7em2wq7d1yo3k.png
  • DomWoolcott

    I can't seem to get any better than that!!
  • dylan
    Really loving this new format. So glad all my progress was saved from the last upgrade. Really enjoying the EVENT and FREERIDE features! Thanks guys!
    image (723K)
  • YR eSports Manager
    Hey gang... thank you for partaking in the first event on the YouRiding League APB World Tour. Remember, you have 'til May 2 knock off Marc Goodnough from the top spot...
  • YR eSports Manager
    Stay tuned as we present the awards to the top four finishers come Tuesday.
  • DomWoolcott
    Hey Manny, when are the results dropping brother?
  • YR eSports Manager

    Sorry guys... yes, Tuesday morning, we'll finally have the results! Just gather profile shots from the winners to present a nice image on our social media channels.
  • YR eSports Manager
    [Marc Goodnough YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mgoodnough21]
    Once again congratulations to the Californian, Marc Goodnough, for winning the APB YouRiding Tahiti Challenge! He walks with an exclusive one of kind authentic event tshirt, event hat, 10k in YouRiding Cash and 50 lives! Not bad for a kid from Cali.


    Marc had the lead at the midway point and never looked back. He held the top spot the rest of the way to the finish of the contest window. There were a others that were nipping at his ankles but he held on.

    Now that we have our very first APB Virtual World Tour winner, the question is... is he a one hit wonder or will he be able to keep up with the global heat and the Brazilian storm? Players from around the world are ready.

    The next stop is the APB YouRiding Itacoatiara Pro from June 16 to 26. With a quick look at the current FreeRide standings at that location, it looks like the battle is going to be epic!

    JDR_NZ is someone to keep an eye on going into event number two. JDR_NZ is multiple YouRiding World Champion and has been putting in some time to get another title under his belt.

    Stay tuned on the forum and on our social media for all the updates! Good luck. And if I were you, I'd get practicing at Itacoatiara!
  • MalpicaSurf
    congratulations To all!!!
  • Jonatas
    Como eu participo
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