• MalpicaSurf
    Hey everyone!!! The Youriding Team understands all your frustrations and they are working hard to fix everything. We made this post to concentrate all the bugs and problems in one post. This way it's more easier to see all the issues you have.

    The only thing you have to do is :

    Send a Mail to with the following info :
    * Name.
    * Nick.
    * Name and model of your mobile or tablet you use.
    * Operating system and version.
    * Do you login using Facebook?
    * Where did the issue start? (Region / Wave).


    Everyplay Problems.
    If you can't use the Everyplay Replay Option to post your videos you can try this apps.

    Android : Samsung Recorder + (Record your gameplay and upload it to Youtube.)

    iOS :

    QuickTime : http://forum.youriding.com/discussion/158/gameplay-recording-with-quicktime-#Item_1
  • synaslash
    Hello you guys.
    Despite creating a topic about this bug, i´m going to write here what´s happening.

    can´t log in with facebook, again.

    So I uninstalled the game and installed it again.
    Log in with facebook
    Back to south pacific, but the game was working.

    Then today it stopped working.
    Then i uninstalled the game and installed it again for the third time.
    Back to south pacific again...played it again reached hawai.
    Stopped playing it and when i tried played again...can´t log in wiht facebook, again
  • MalpicaSurf
    check new update on your store.
  • sampro
    Hey, What's the go with level 2 wave 16 in Hawaii?

    Every time I complete it and wait for the opposition to catch their waves, I tap end competition and the game crashes! When I open it back up, the comp is blank again and says I haven't caught any waves yet...
  • MalpicaSurf
    Did you update the game? Youriding have released a new update today on iOS
  • DiegoRamirez
    Hello how ... I have a question about the game "The Yourney" .... What happens if you finish all the level 2. They give you something or just unlock and nothing happens.
  • JDR
    It is all unlocked and you become a legend in your own mind
  • MalpicaSurf
    hey , if you finish all the level 2 of every spot you unlock all the free ride mode in every wave , you don't spend lives again.
    hahahahah that was a good one!!!
  • Mattan
    At the new update i have a lot of bugs and i dont like the new controls..
  • MalpicaSurf
    hey im running it on iOS 10 and no problems
    what phone do you have and operation system?
  • Mattan
    I have LG G4
    Android 6.0
  • Kernowlokal

    Malpica, I think Mattan is referring to the various problems with the new update. I (Tim Mills) put a comment on the thread on Facebook and there are several others who are finding it the same.


    I was a beta tester for the update and although I was very busy at the time, I emailed my feedback to Manny. I got no reply and from the way the game now plays, it seems the feedback I gave was not listened to. I don't know if the others that beta tested found it the same. I thought that perhaps I was the only one who didn't like it, but none of the comments on there seem to like the new version.

    Is there anything happening with it or is it just staying the same?
  • Mikssa
    After reading the whole post, we can acquire several useful tips about how to deal with that bugs and problems in simple way. Thanks.
  • Anton
    Hello, I switched phones and when I downloaded the game again I lost my I vent or like my camera views and my boards. How does one fix this?
  • Nate
    Do you think perhaps the updated software on the new phone erased some data? I'm assuming you're information didn't transfer over well
  • Anton
    yes, i dont know what happened, but old phone didnt have a memory card so i assumed that if i log in with my account with the new phone that all my perks would still be there.
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