• Rodd Rodriguez
    This game is a scum. Total trash. There are bugs between the worlds, bug when you start gaming... bug all over! SCUM! I was at the Tasmanian world almost going on to Hawaii when the game put me in the beginning! That´s better you learn how to produce games, improve the studies. The game should be called YOURIDING BUGGIEBOARD GAME. SCUM.
  • MalpicaSurf
    Hey Send a Mail to with the following info :

    * Name.
    * Nick.
    * Name and model of your mobile or tablet you use.
    * Operating system and version.
    * Do you login using Facebook?
    * Where did the issue start? (Region / Wave)

  • YR eSports Manager
    Hey Rodd, good morning. My name is Manny Vargas and I work here at YouRiding full time along with a small crew of passionate wave riders and game makers. Here is my personal email and would love to hear from you.

    My mom used to say don't pay attention to people that have nothing good to say about you and your livelyhood. But I can see you love the game and want it to work for you so you can enjoy it. You're actually taking the time to write about your true feelings in life and about a video game.

    So please use my email and send me a full report on what's going on with you and your gameplay. I'll do my personal best to make it better.

    I'll be waiting Rodd.

    Thanks for taking the time and being a part of our forum.
  • Albert
    I commend you and your team for being so passionate about this project. As someone who works in a Software Development team I can only sympathize with you, I know what it's like when the world comes down on you because your product doesn't meet their standards. This is BY FAR the best Bodyboarding game out there, and given the status of our sport on the world stage and where we are as far as Bodyboarding still being seen as a "lesser" form of wave riding by the un-informed, this game isn't doing too badly. Our community of Bodyboarding brothers is still small compared to the more mainstream sport of Surfing. Bodyboarding has come a long way....we now have live feeds of events and more and more of the general public can now see that Bodyboarding isn't just about holding the nose and going straight. Don't ever get discouraged, Software Development can be rough. This is a game for Bodyboarders, by Bodyboarders and wave riders who are doing it out of love the craft.

    Stick together brothers, lets assist instead of complain.
  • YR eSports Manager
    Two words... thank you. Three more... NEVER STOP RIDING

    And I'm still waiting for an email from Rodd :/
  • FairDinkumStrayan
    I find the game is near perfect, other than controls for tricks
  • Albert
    Really liking the new graphics improvements!
  • Rafanasio
    I finished the game and this last update made me go back all the way to indonesia.

    Thats really annoying>:o
  • YR eSports Manager
    What up Rafanasio? Sorry to hear about this... but as I mentioned we are working around the clock to get you the best gaming experience. We have many mobile devices that we test on and once we believe everything is good, we send our updates to app stores. Sometimes we get reports of bugs like the one you mentioned. The delay comes when we try to reproduce the bug on mobile devices that work perfectly fine here in our offices. So I ask to help us. Instead of stating what happen then saying it's annoying, please send us an exact account of what happened just before you were sent back to Indo after finishing the game. I'm talking real detailed!!! Phone model, current OS, connected to wifi or celluar, did you log out, then in...? All these things will help us to try to reproduce the issue. Your message doesn't help us with that. Send your super detailed message to: . Much love... Manny V
  • JLiRD808

    Manny I gotta say I know a lot of ppl dumping this game as soon as they realize theres no fun free-ride mode just to cruz in. The general consensus is its "too hard" for casual gamers & ends up costing too much to get anywhere.

    And Im talking about bodyboarders from eastside Oahu...Sandys/Maks. One of them is actually IN YOUR GAME lol...
  • YR eSports Manager
    Thanks for the heads up brotha. I could give you the full on details on what we have going on here but there's not enough space. So I'll make it short and very sweet. Our small crew work day in and day out to make sure we produce an epic game for our true hard core supporters. I know you're one of them. I thank you. With that being said, Free Ride, World Tour, APB Virtual World Tour and more are in the pipeline and days from being released. So if you could pass this on to those that are thinking about 'dumping' the game, even the one that's in the game, I'd be super stoked. I thank you for being true and supportive. Please send me an email, I'd like to see what I can do for you. BOOM!
  • Dudley
    @ Manny V i had a similar issue, i was on the boss stage on region 24 and the next morning when i opened the game i was back in South Africa, now dont get me wrong i love south africa hahaha hell i live here :p but i put in a lot of effort and time to make it that far and iv lost it all !?
  • YR eSports Manager
    Sorry to hear that brotha. I love South Africa too. I love eating a rotti after a late night out or after a long session at North Beach. Email me and I'll get you through the tech guys.
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