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    Lightning Bolt Campeche Pro saw a lot of new faces show up on the leader board. That is every division except for the Pros. It's been an incredible battle for the top spot between Bajan and JDR***. Coming into event number five Bajan had the upper hand with one win more than JDR***. So we're sure JDR*** was stoked when he won this event and tied it all up once again. Shinguard showed up for the event and took the Pro/Am division. felaz is another new surfer to show up. felaz took the Shredder division. dwill94 wins the Grom division. Congrats to all the winners.

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    The epic right-hander played host to event number 6 on the YouRiding Surfing World Tour. It was JDR*** and Bajan going at it again for that top spot in the Pro Division. With this division being the most competitive, these two must be practicing day in and day out. JDR*** won the last event to tie up the race to the title and he won this event to put him ahead on the leader board. Paul808, the Hawaiian, comes out of no where to win the Pro/Am division. Houligan is showing face for the first time on the leader board. And C_mack joins Houligan as a new comer to the YouRiding Surfing World Tour leader board and takes the Grom division. Congrats to all the winners.

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    At the Sen No Sen Cloudbreak Pro it was JDR*** that was leading the Pro division over Bajan by just one win. In a true epic battle for the 2015 Surfing World Title Bajan strikes back and wins event number seven. Now, Bajan and JDR*** are all tied up once again. As much as we want to refrain from our 80's lingo... this battle in the Pro division is TOTALLY AWESOME! The Hawaiian, Paul808, ticks off another win in the Pro/Am division making it two in a row. C_mack just came off a win in the Grom division and now within one event finds another win in the Shredder division. Great job competitors!

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    The battle between Baja and JDR on the YouRiding Surfing World Tour has been intense all year long. With this win, Bajan may have locked in the title.

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    A few new names made it to the top of the leader board but it's all about Bajan. With this win, he may have locked in that YouRiding Surfing World Tour title. We're going to get to the mathematicians to get the final result.

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    What an awesome World Tour gentlemen and gentlewomen. I can't thank you enough for making it exciting from the get go. Make sure you watch the live awards presentation. http://bit.ly/1kIYY9G

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