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    Photo: Edu Bartolome

    The EQ Love Mundaka Pro is on! And if you've been playing you'll know that the first day was epic! Long deep barrels and the ability to get speed and launch massive airs was the highlight for day one.

    Always on his game, JDR from New Zealand, didn't hold anything back and came out on top. But right on his heels is the surfer from Barbados, Bajan. JDR and Bajan have been fighting it out since the first event when they tied for first at Lobitos in Peru.

    After the first day, the leaderboard shows an assault of the French! KERR, alex1222, SEB 64 and 7olive8 took the third to sixth spots, respectively. Note: SEB 64, placing 5th on day one, is coming off a win on the YouRiding Bodyboarding World Tour at the same location! He has this wave wired!

    We are on day two of the event and the waves dropped a bit but still big enough to get some high scoring rides.

    Good luck out there surfers.

    *Please post your screenshots, video gameplays and your comments about the event or other riders here. BOOM!

    Here in the northern hemisphere, winter is upon us. Check out this cool article about ear plugs and why you should use them during the cold months... http://www.eq-love.com/blog/english/eq-ear-plugs-surfer-vs-doctor/
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    "...theres no lack of competition, these guys love this game just like I do, and I will be stoked for JDR if he wins again. But the year is not quite over yet." - Bajan (full interview coming soon)

    Wow! What can we say!? The YouRiding Surfing World Tour has become an insane battle for 2015 World Title!

    At last week's EQ Love Mundaka Pro, it was Bajan (Barbados) and JDR (New Zealand) that were at it again for that first place spot. The comp started off with solid waves that had barrels all the way down the point. With a couple more solid days of surf, Bajan took full advantage and beat out JDR just by one point. If it comes down to a tie for the title, we're going to have a showdown that will be broadcast live. More on that later.

    Looking at the leader board for the event, it's obvious that there are certain countries are putting their best in the mix. France had a total of six surfers in the top twenty with alex1222 and SEB64 holding the French flag high.

    The Brazilians also had six surfers in the top 20. And it's AHDUARTE that's leading the charge for the South Americans.

    The lone South African, shauno, is right up there duking it out in the top ten for the event and ended up in sixth.

    fishdaddy, kllle, Rio, JNash, ACR123 all represented their countries proudly in the event and held it down to end up in the top twenty for the event.

    We go into the 9th event on the World Tour and it's Bajan that is edging out JDR by only one point! To see the full rankings check out leader board: surfing.youriding.com/pages/ratings_events_detail.php?id=20

    We'll see you at Skeleton Bay on November 18th. Go Practice Now: http://go.youriding.com/yr/XlUQ

    Congrats once again to all the surfers that showed up and kicked ass.
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