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    YouRiding is excited to be able to include the latest chapter in Ben Weiland and Chris Burkard’s gorgeous explorations of the cold fringes of the surfing landscape.

    "Faroes" available now on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/faroes?r=youriding

    Faroes is the story of an epic 2015 trip to the remote Danish archipelago by surfers Dane Gadauskas, Tyler Warren, Sam Hammer and Justin Quintal. The icy water and extreme coastline of the islands challenge the crew on their search for waves, but their perseverance pays off. Beyond the surf, the film explores the stunning beauty of the land and gives fascinating glimpses into the isolated lives of its Viking-descendant residents.

    Oct 15th-18th / Best Gameplay wins / Wear the custom hooded fullsuit for a chance at $20,000 YRC in prize money.
    Custom wave matching the movie with a 5/4/3 hooded fullsuit available here: http://go.youriding.com/yr/XlUQ

    Have a blast!
  • blin
    Sorry but I can't support this in any way, the faroese people viciously slaughter hundreds of whales and dolphins every year in the most inhumane and barbaric way possible, pregnant foetuses are ripped from dying mothers wombs and slayn without a second thought. By promoting the faroese islands as a tourist destination you are actively supporting this mass murder of amazing sentient beings, not only from a financial aspect, but also legally, as tourists are informed on arrival that they must legally report any whale sightings to the grind master, so that they can go and murder the whales, failure to report the sighting is punishable by fines or prison. Surfers are prime people for whale spotting. We need to educate people that until the faroese stop killing families of whales, that we should not give them or custom or support in any way.

    I'm really disappointed to see this here today.

  • The Journey Live Events
    Your deep and thoughtful message speaks directly to us, and we understand the strong feelings you have towards the mass killings of whales in the Faroe Islands. We feel the same way.
    This movie was shot and produced many months before the media event that took place this year, and we had agreed to create a game based on the movie "Faroes" early this year.
    I encourage you to check out Chris Burkard's work in photography, and some of the surfers including Dane Gadauskas that were featured. They are the most peaceful people you could encounter.
    We believe that each year thousand upon thousand of horrible events happen all over the world, but this movie is actually only about adventure in cold climates.
    Due to the events, the movie's original launch date was rescheduled by several months and that is why we hold this event this fall.
    If anything, we hope that people like you, or others, will travel there and voice their opinion to the local people, so things can change. In this specific instance the movie is so far from promoting any kind of violence, that we have decided to showcase it.
    Thank you for reading this, and we hope you will remain a supporter of our games.
  • blin
    Thanks for the reply, but this is simple Shaun,

    By traveling to the faroe islands, unless you go for the sole purpose of fighting this cause, whoever you are, you support this madness, even if you are awesome people. And the movie inadvertently encourages people to go and invest through tourism in a culture that murders whales and dolphins purely for fun. :(

    I don't need to go to the faroe islands to register my disgust, I do that through petitions and social media, not that I could from new Zealand anyway, I do support sea shepherd who do that extremely difficult work.

    You're right about one thing though, there are a million causes in this world to fight for, from genocide in the Sudan, to SeaWorld, to sweatshops, to child refugees drowning in Europe, take your pick.....I support this cause and Ive made my point, as I said, its a shame to see you guys get involved in promoting (by shooting a movie there) a place like this.
  • Bajan
    Dude, this is an online surfing game, No one here is supporting the killing of those creatures, we just want to rip the waves up, youriding is showing off different waves in the world. pleassse be a buzz kill somewhere else.
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