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    Wondering how players got to 22,000+ scores at The Wedge?

    Here it is. Prime example provided by our event winner @yuriat08 from Brazil using the Samsung Recorder + app.

    2015_10_08_full_22k_gameplay (18M)
  • Peter
    as iv seen in other posts how does he claim when hes not even in the tube
    i never used claim to get my scores and as i have stated i think u need to look a bit more into it if u guys dont mind because Don't u think that's a bit out of order as u stated post pictures during the dates of 5 & 6 but his is just a top score so there is no real proof he obtained it on those days like everyone else has posted and u can see the current score and top score for that wave in the pictures posted
  • Peter
    im talking about his winning wave by the way not the one in this video solid proof would of been like the pictures we have all submitted with the current score in blue and the top score in the top right as u know he done it while the contest was on he could of got that score 2 days before the contest started which obviously would not be valid ????????
  • The Journey Live Events
    Hey Peter, I hear your concern. We do not believe that anyone was trying to achieve such high scores at the Wedge prior to this event, as there was no reason for it. As Yuria put it, it took him 60 waves alone to get this 22,000+ video that we posted. If you pay close attention, half of his body is inside the small initial barrel and is helping him achieve the claim.
    Here's how the event will happen in the future:
    -Stricter rules and requiring the same end of wave screenshot that you have posted.
    -Ordering gameplay proving the player can get to a similar range than what was accomplished.
    -Or also contests with just gameplay.
    I believe it's time to put this event behind us, and we look forward to seeing you killing it in another event.
    There is also a World Tour in the works for Journey players, that will start in a few months. I guarantee people are going to go at it!
    Thanks for killing it on this event, I assure you we are taking notes and bettering the experience even further for the future.
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