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    Meduxa Mundaka Pro

    We can hear the chants on the cold beaches of northern Spain for their countryman... PILLO! PILLO! PILLO! Going into the event number eight, he's leading the charge for the YouRiding World Title with four wins under his belt. If he pulls off a win on his homeland he may have possibly locked in the 2016 YouRiding World Title. But JDR*** is hot on his tail and is a fierce competitor that won't hold back. Plus, with late charges from CristobalS and Seb64, Pillo can't let his guard down. This is it... this is the Meduxa Mundaka Pro. Good luck bodyboarders. Go Play Now: http://go.youriding.com/yr/dvEJ

  • YR eSports Manager
    First day of the Meduxa Mag Mundaka Pro is in the books. The waves were cranking and it looks like the Spaniard, Pillo, got the word that he has a chance to clinch the world title in his own backyard. Pillo is a big wave rider and reports have come in that he doesn’t like competing in the small stuff. For day two, the waves on the smaller side. So now is the time to strike if you didn’t fare too well on day one. ‪#‎meduxamundakapro‬ ‪#‎meduxayouriding‬ ‪#‎yrleague‬ ‪#‎youriding‬ GO RIDE NOW: http://go.youriding.com/yr/dvEJ

  • CristobalS
    Mannyy!!!!!! press the button BIG Waves.

    This wave is more like Playa Parguito Vnz... =)
  • YR eSports Manager
    Unfortunately, the YouRiding Wave Generator hasn't been kind to the competitors for the Meduxa Mundaka Pro. The beauty about the YRWG is that it's just like mother nature... fully random and unpredictable.

    It's day three of the five day event and it's these top pros that are shaking in their boots! The top players are so used to riding big waves so when the waves are small, they don't know what to do! It's amazing to see the leader board shift from day one to day two. It'll be interesting to see what it'll look like at the end of today, day three.

    In the Pro division, we all now know that seb64 and JDR are all around players as they remain in the top four spots. Pillo, as we mentioned before, loves the big stuff and it's obvious if the waves are over four feet he's untouchable. But on day two when the waves got on the small side he dropped way down to sixth place for the day. Then you got guys like the Brazilian eSouza who ended up eighth on the first day and came stomping into second place for the day on day two.

    You get the same effect in the other divisions as well. But these players are more humble and will be well-rounded in all conditions. The Pro/Am division Teps-One and Elisarider both retaining those average scores for both days.

    The top two players in the Shredder division, AndyIrons and KenRuby both went from triple to double digits in their ranking points on day two. Solid step up for these two competitors.

    Finally in the Grom division... XicoBeirao, the winner of the last two events, is trying to fend off the Frenchman labrut-nul. Can he do it is the question? With a solid run on day two, both are able to pull off the win in this division.

    It's day three and it's small and tough. It's going to come down to the player that is consistent, keeps their head on straight and doesn't complain and most importantly... doesn't give up when the waves go to sh!t.

    Good luck!

  • eSouza
    Good luck my friends! Boom!
  • labrute427
    la jetéé missed me!
  • Flávio
    Last day. Swell!!Good Luck! Bonne chance !
  • Vets
    ddddaaaammmmnnnn how ????lol...nice bro ;)
  • eSouza
    haha .. thanks bro ;) luck
  • YR eSports Manager
    What an incredible event! The start of the Meduxa Mundaka Pro looked promising with waves in the 2 to 3 foot range but the excitment of bigger waves fizzled out as the next few days delivered waves that were small and very tough. Luckily, the final day Mundaka was firing! The waves picked up to 5-7 feet and the high scores started to show up once again.

    Pillo had a chance to clinch a world title in his home country of Spain but the smaller waves proved to be frustrating for him and he threw up his arms in defeat during those rough days. But all is not lost for Pillo. He still has a commanding lead going into the last two events. But he has to realize the New Zealander, JDR, is within striking distance and still has a shot at the world title.

    Major shout outs to a few other competitors that didn't give up when the waves got small. The Brazilian eSouza won day number four and had great results throughout the entire event. He ended up third in the event. Great job!

    Vets showed consistancy and it paid off. The solid performance locked in a respectable fourth place finish. Solid work.

    CristolbalS stuggled in the small surf and was anxious like the rest of the competitors. He was hoping for big surf for the last day of the comp and fortunately for him, the waves came. He shot back up to the top for day number five. Good work hombre.

    Huge congrats to all the competitors for such a great competition that saw some of the smallest waves on the World Tour and to our sponsor of the event Meduxa Mundaka Pro.


    Here's some epic action from the comp from the Venezuelan, CristobalS.

    CristobalS... Mundaka
  • Vets
    Hell yeah, super event in bad condition!! Congrats to all the riders and to the winner Seb64...nice bro!!
  • JDR
    Yep .. another really good contest despite the conditions. Actually Pillo does have the world title all wrapped up. Congrats to him ... and to Seb who has won 2 in a row and is gunning for 2nd overall :-O
  • YR eSports Manager
    Epic event indeed. We're going to run the numbers again to see if Pillo has the World Title on the wraps!

    Again... great job everyone.
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