• Bugs And Problems
    It is all unlocked and you become a legend in your own mind
  • Rider Overall 180
    You won't be able to get your stats to 180..Before the journey version started they had promos in the yr iv surfshop where you could purchase brand name gear such as Matuse wetsuits and JR surfboards which had better stats.. They don't do that no more.
  • 2017 Snapper Rocks Pro
    Snapper Rocks Pro
    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

    A little misleading. Would have thought the 26th was included in the contest.
  • How to get around latest version of Firefox / Unity software problem
    Hey thanks for that .. it worked perfectly. If you ever want any tips just ask .
  • Youriding iv not working?
    So BB is working now but not surfing
  • Youriding iv not working?
    The same thing has happened ..only with surfing . It's been 3 days
  • Youriding iv not working?
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  • What type of controller is needed to play Surfing IV on a PC laptop?
    I just use a solid gamer keyboard ...Get about 3 years out of it and I play more than anyone.
  • Problem Youriding on Chrome
    I think they said a while back that on chrome you can't play youriding
  • Game errors
    After selling gear it remains on the screen and the wave does not play
    Recording #209 (191K)
  • Game Errors
    Another way to get stuck in (out of) a comp



    Press A gives you B
  • Game Errors
    That was (previous post) all-time best scores for all players ... But on all-time sores for friends Ronald only appears once.
    yrerrr2 (32K)
  • Game Errors
    Maybe related to the above error .. Note. RonaldNMD has two scoresro97k4qwx3o0ybi4.png
    Just posting this for reference .. Sort the journey out first.
    yrerrr (31K)
  • How do you complete the claim?
    You just have to hold the claim stance in the tube for a while ... there is a timer showing how long at the side .. ( I can't check , my game doesn't work anymore)
  • Bodyboard world tour 2016?
    Hey relax Jas. I've played this game for years and I can tell you when the YR guys start a new project like the journey it takes all their time. Maybe in a few months they can come back and look at v4 again but at the moment , it is what it is. I think they've already said no world tour on PC version.
  • Do you remember?
    Yeah nice.. These stats also include play from v2 which is where I did quite a lot of my playing.
    610,258 waves
    yr3profile (231K)
  • Game Errors
    Todays high at Burleigh is impossible .. at a guess I would say it is the players score from superbank

    burleigherror (228K)
  • Score reverts to zero after accumulating high points on a wave
    Yeah. I'm guessing this would be a hard bug to fix and the yr guys are flat out doing the journey so it will be with us for a while yet.


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